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Tuition & Fees

2023-24 Academic Year Fees for Incoming Students

Year Summer Fall Semester Spring Semester 23-24 Tuition Cost (in state)
P1 Year No enrollment $13,525 $13,525 $27,050
P2 Year No enrollment $13,525 $13,525 $27,050
P3 Year No enrollment $13,525 $13,525 $27,050
P4 Year $13,525 $13,525 $13,525 $40,575

Cost of Attendance website

*These numbers are projected until the Board of Trustees finalize tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year.

**Non-Ohio Residents pay a $28,012/year non-resident surcharge during the P1 year. After the P1 year, the non-resident surcharge is reduced to $5/semester.

***Tuition is approved by the Board of Trustees and you should expect a 3-5% yearly increase.



Indirect PharmD Program Costs

Professional students are financially responsible for the following additional expenses: 

  • Drug screens (~$35/screening, minimum of two required for professional program)
  • Health requirements/vaccinations (cost varies, yearly)
  • Background check and fingerprinting (~$60.00/check, completed twice during program)
  • Intern license ($30.00 renewal, renewed two to three times)
  • Gas/mileage for experiential activities (varies by year and student)
  • Hooding ceremony academia regalia (~$175, one time)
  • Post-graduation licensure exams (~$600)

The College of Pharmacy is happy to provide all PharmD students with 2 white coats, a College of Pharmacy badge, pre-Naplex, NAPB university transcript submission for licensure, professional headshots and Lexicomp and EHRgo subscriptions.