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    Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

    Faculty of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy have diverse research interests in drug discovery and development. Division members pursue interdisciplinary research involving medicinal chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, natural products chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry and computer-aided molecular design.
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    Division of Outcomes & Translational Sciences

    The Division of Outcomes and Translational Sciences will drive research and training in the laboratory, clinic, and community to establish best practices that optimize individual and population health and outcomes. Building on the experience of its members, the division will provide a platform for research collaborations to achieve these goals.
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    Division of Pharmacy Education and Innovation

    The Division of Pharmacy Education and Innovation aims to advance the pharmacy profession through innovative, multidisciplinary courses and programs across all levels of learning – from undergraduate and professional degrees to public education. Drawing influence from groundbreaking research and practice advancement, faculty will promote and embody evidence-based teaching and pedagogical discovery within the College of Pharmacy, the broader university and the pharmacy education community.
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    Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology

    The mission of the faculty, scientists, students and staff of the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology is the discovery and development of drug therapies for the treatment of human disease. The Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology researchers are leaders in the use of state-of-the-art technologies to conduct research centered around cancer therapeutics, cell protective therapies, drug delivery systems, and drug toxicity.
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    Division of Pharmacy Practice and Science

    The Division of Pharmacy Practice and Science elevates the standards of patient care through discovery, innovation and dissemination of teaching, practice and research. The division does this through creating teaching strategies and implementing ability-based assessments to educate and train students, residents and fellows about the prevention and treatment of illnesses with medications.