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The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Wellness Team aims to improve the health and quality of life at Ohio State through evidence-based wellness education and tools.

The College of Pharmacy has been recognized across the university for its culture of wellness for faculty, staff and students.

A variety of activities and events are available to help enhance and promote the ten dimensions of health: emotional, career, social, spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, creative, and environmental wellness. The college also has a dedicated team comprised of Wellness Innovators (faculty and staff) and Wellness Ambassadors (students) who meet to plan and implement healthy activities.

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Participate in the Pharmacy Buckeyes Building Community Challenge

Attend wellness and community events this academic year to earn raffle tickets for individual prizes, and each group (P1, P2, P3, P4, faculty and staff, grad students and undergraduate students) will compete to see who has the most spirit.

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For Students

1 Embedded COP Student Counselor

All College of Pharmacy students may contact embedded counselor Dr. Shawn Levstek at He will offer you an initial counseling session via Zoom to initiate services. During this meeting, he will address your current concerns and mental health needs in addition to collecting background information and assessing your history of concerns. He will also discuss future treatment options with you and can connect you with other resources as well, where appropriate. If any students have questions or concerns, please email Dr. Levstek directly. 

2 Counseling and Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS)

Additionally, Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) has developed resources for students that can be accessed remotely, including strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress related to COVID-19, which can be found here. You also may visit anytime for more information regarding any of the services offered by CCS.

3 Students - Get Involved

Shawn Levstek.4 – Embedded counselor for Pharmacy students 

 Emily Keeler.16 – Wellness and Community Builder for the College of Pharmacy 

For Faculty and Staff

The College of Pharmacy and the University are strong supporters of wellness for faculty and staff.

1 Faculty and Staff Resources

  • Fresh fruit in the front office 
    Filled early in the week until gone
  • College of Pharmacy Wellness TEAM site
    Articles, discussion, and a place to sell/buy/trade - especially football tickets!
  • COP Remind Text Messages
  • Guide for Investing in Your Health and Well-being
    Provides tips for staff advocating for flexibility in order to better engage with wellness programming. The intent is to equip staff for conversations with their manager about incorporating wellness into their workday. It also provides sample activities for physical, mental, and career/intellectual wellness, and a list of campus wellness resources in one place. 
  • Wellness Toolkit for Managers  
    Geared toward managers and people leaders. Links to articles demonstrating the value of supporting employee wellness, suggests ways to support employees on their wellness journey, and provides ideas for incorporating wellness into a team environment. The guide specifically references supporting employee mental health. 
  • YP4H website and Virgin Pulse App  
  • EAP Program 
  • And more! Can’t find what you are looking for? Just ask!

2 Wellness For Your Classroom

  • Test-a-mints  
    Do you have a test scheduled in your class? Email me the date, time, and location and we will have wint-o-green lifesavers available at the door for students as they walk in. Research shows mint helps with test scores (and tastes good)  
  • Faculty Toolkit
    Strategies to support well-being for students 

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Upcoming Events

  • March 3, 2024 All College

    Winter Hike Series: Hocking Hills with Dr. Rebecca Lahrman

    Join Dr. Rebecca Lahrman, part of our Athens-based pharmacy family, for a winter hike at Old Man’s Cave. Following, Rebecca will share the essentials for hiking and wilderness safety for those who are interested. Family and friends are welcomed and encour
  • March 19, 2024 PBBC

    Student Finance 101 Series: Student Loans

    Student loans are a huge part of going to college. Learn what kind of student loans there are, what the different terms mean and how to plan for your financial goals in the future.