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Research & Discovery

Cutting-edge research and discovery by the College of Pharmacy’s world-class researchers improves the lives of Ohioans and patients around the world.

The College of Pharmacy is at the forefront of pharmaceutical research that results in important new drug technologies and medical breakthroughs, including in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disorders and infectious diseases. 

Our dedicated researchers work collaboratively within the seven health science colleges at Ohio State and across a wide range of medical disciplines, leading to exciting discoveries and technologies.

Total research and discovery grants and awards have also increased steadily, reflecting the College of Pharmacy’s reputation for excellence and longstanding dedication to pushing pharmacy forward. Funding from the National Institutes of Health and total funding are at their highest levels in our history, which has allowed the college to continue to grow our research capabilities. 

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Undergraduate Research and Internships

Undergraduate students who wish to enrich their academic experience by pursuing research will find a welcoming environment at the college. Undergraduate researchers can pursue opportunities across the university beginning in their first year. Undergraduate research is conducted with the guidance and supervision of a faculty member, allowing the student to build strong relationships while sharpening their technical expertise. 

Graduate Research

Graduate students at the college may pursue research as part of their degree under the supervision of and in partnership with one or more faculty members. Many graduate students take part in research that is published in peer-reviewed journals and develop a particular research interest during their time at the college, which they continue to pursue in their professional careers after earning a degree.