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Practice Advancement & Policy

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Advancing the field of pharmacy through innovative research, education, and practice to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of health care for patients.

We are committed to developing and implementing evidence-based policies and practices that improve patient outcomes and promote healthcare equity. Our faculty, staff, and students work closely with healthcare providers, policymakers, professional and community organizations to identify and address key issues in pharmacy practice and policy. Examples of this include community-based service to vulnerable populations through faculty practice sites with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), academic-based inpatient, primary care and specialty clinics, independent living older adult facilities, OSU Extension, and more. Our students and preceptors regularly volunteer at free clinics across Central Ohio and provide health screenings to those with challenges to accessing the healthcare system. Our faculty are linked to state and national professional organizations to facilitate change across Ohio and the entire U.S. 

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Our practice advancement and policy initiatives are just one of the many ways in which we are working to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of health care for patients. 

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