Abstract Submissions


Abstract Submissions

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Abstract submission for Research Day 2023 is now closed.

Abstract submissions are no longer being accepted for the 2023 Research Day

All submissions must use abstract template below when uploading your abstract file:
Download Abstract Template (.docx) and view the Sample Abstract (.docx).

Title: Use uppercase. 14 pt., bold. Justified.

Authors and Affiliation: Authors in full name (Name, Initial, Surname); Please underline the presenting author. Put address in another line. 12 pt., Italic. Unjustified.

Body text: Use no indentation. 12 pt., Normal style.

References: When needed, use the space provided. Type references in abbreviated format as in example. 10 pt., Normal style. Leave empty if there are no references.

Acknowledgments: When needed, use the space provided. 10 pt., Normal style.

Margins: Document margins should be 1" on all sides