Summer Undergraduate Research fellowship creates leaders in drug discovery and development

July 23, 2018

2018 SURF students
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For undergraduate students interested in pharmaceutical research and lab experience, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) is the perfect opportunity.

Created in 2007, SURF focuses on creating future leaders in drug discovery and development through hands-on, in-lab experiences. Originally a university sponsored program, the College of Pharmacy adapted the fellowship specifically for sophomore and junior students with an interest in pharmaceutical sciences.

Throughout the summer, students work alongside experienced faculty members in the College of Pharmacy on research projects in their area of interest, including pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacy practice, medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy. In the past ten years, more than 70 students have participated in this experience, bringing what they have learned from their different majors into the lab.

This summer, the College of Pharmacy has four SURF students working on a variety of research topics:

  • Adam Ard, working in Dr. Jim Fuchs’ lab;
  • Evan Kania, working in Dr. Jack Yalowich’s lab;
  • Anthony English, working in Dr. Jack Yalowich’s lab; and,
  • Lovette Azap, participating in both SURF and the Ohio State Undergraduate Researcher Apprentice Program, working in Dr. Mark Mitton-Fry’s lab.

At the end of the fellowship, students present their findings to their peers and faculty members, showcasing what they learned during the ten week experience. While the fellowship ends in late July, the student’s research doesn’t have to. Many SURF students continue to work with their research mentor on their projects.

“As someone who knew they wanted to work in a lab doing research, but didn’t know where to start, SURF was a great opportunity,” Adam Ard said. “I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in cancer research and work with an awesome mentor, all while growing my portfolio for graduate school.”

The application for SURF opens during spring semester. To learn more about the fellowship, visit the SURF web page.