Pharmacy students create first-of-its-kind student organization


November 26, 2018

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PharmD students at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy recently spearheaded the start of a new student organization, the Student Association for Specialty Pharmacy (SASP).  

The Ohio State University SASP chapter is one of the first nationally-recognized student chapters developed by the National Association for Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), and will give students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience working with therapeutic areas unique to specialty pharmacy, including oncology, hematology, solid organ transplant and HIV/AIDS. With the rate of chronic illness rising and giving way to a growing market of specialty drugs, competency within these practices is important for community health care systems and national policy.

Emily Delman (P2), Austin Mullins (P2), Samuel Berens (P2) and Kendra Thomas (P2) led collaboration with NASP to bring its resources to students at the College of Pharmacy. After discovering the field of specialty pharmacy and finding her passion within the profession, Delman, the president of SASP, knew this particular career path would also appeal to her peers.

“Specialty pharmacy is unique in that it’s really tailored to specialized patient-centered care,” says Delman. “Within the College of Pharmacy, there are many avenues for students to explore various career paths and I felt that specialty pharmacy should be among them.”

The College of Pharmacy has a variety of student organizations available for student involvement, many of which are tailored to professional development. Involvement is a key aspect of the College of Pharmacy curriculum as student organizations provide learning environments conducive to developing global skills and perspective. The interests of students at the College of Pharmacy can also be as diverse as the students themselves, so pathways are in place for students to demonstrate leadership and create organizations that do not already exist.

“So far, we have had overwhelming interest in both the organization as a whole as well as leadership positions,” says Delman. “With a great team established, we hope to educate our peers on the nuances of specialty pharmacy practice while providing members with volunteer and networking opportunities to expand their careers as student pharmacists.”

We are proud to see the initiative taken by College of Pharmacy students to pursue their passions, and look forward to what SASP is able to accomplish in its first semester.