Hooding ties families together

May 10, 2024
PharmDs throwing their caps at graduation

Once the oath has been read and the caps have been tossed for the final class photo, Doctor of Pharmacy graduates from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy scurry over to the reception area outside Mershon Auditorium to reunite with family and friends and celebrate their accomplishments. 

At this year’s Doctoral Convocation and Hooding Ceremony on May 4, 17 graduates connected with loved ones a bit earlier than their peers – they gave family members the honor of hooding them on stage.  

A guest hooder – someone who places the regalia hood on the shoulders of the graduate – must hold a doctorate degree, but that degree is not limited to the field of pharmacy. Students’ guests ranged from doctorate holders in statistical analyses and design to medicine and, of course, pharmacy. 

We caught up with some of these familial doctors and learned what the moment meant to them. 

Bethany Clotz, PharmD ’24, and Michael Clotz, PharmD, BS Pharm ’85

Bethany being hooded by Michael Clotz

Though Dr. Bethany Clotz followed in her father’s footsteps by attending Ohio State for her undergraduate degree, she took a little more time to find her way to pharmacy. 

Bethany began her undergraduate career as a biomedical engineering major but during her second year, with the encouragement of her parents and a need for a part-time job, Bethany decided to apply to be a pharmacy technician – an experience that quickly turned her career plan on its head. 

“Her mom and I both thought that pharmacy would be a great mesh of her scientific acumen and personality,” Michael said. “We were thrilled when she told us that she would be pursuing pharmacy after her undergraduate program.” 

Bethany recalls how exciting it was to connect with her father once she got into the same line of work. 

“Being able to share this passion with my dad is so special, and I’m grateful to him for introducing me to the world of pharmacy,” she said. 

Though Michael initially encouraged Bethany to step into her first pharmacy position, he’s since seen her take off beyond his expectations.  

“While she’s always had a heart for helping people, we have seen her combine this gift with her experiences in the PharmD program and her internships and rotations to help the patients and families that she serves,” Michael said. “She goes above and beyond to overcome language barriers, help patients with medication costs and truly connect with her patients.”  

Bethany will be taking her skillset to the pharmacy residency program at the University of North Carolina’s HealthRex in Raleigh, North Carolina. She’s hopeful to pursue a career in ambulatory care or clinical pharmacy with a specialty in cardiology. 

“It is so special to become the second pharmacist in the Clotz family,” Bethany said. “I am excited to begin practicing as a pharmacist and continue to share this passion with my dad.” 

Shannon Peck, PharmD ’24, BSPS ’21, and Katherine Crawford PharmD ’10, BCCP, BSPS ’08

Shannon Peck being hooded by Katherine Crawford

Drs. Shannon Peck and Katherine Crawford have mirrored one another's careers in more ways than one. The cousins both earned BSPS and PharmD degrees through Ohio State and matched with Riverside Methodist Hospital’s pharmacy residency program. 

Katherine completed her residency in the early 2010’s and is the current cardiology lead clinical pharmacist at Riverside, so the two will be working together for at least a year. 

“Shannon and I are the only pharmacists in our family,” Dr. Crawford said. “It’s really cool to share the profession and even better, practicing in the same city and hospital!” 

Dr. Peck was first introduced to pharmacy while in eighth grade thanks to her older cousin. Dr. Crawford shared stories about her work at Riverside and even brought in Dr. Peck for a tour of the hospital.  

“I remember going to school the next day and telling my friends how cool it was to see jars of leeches and the robotics being used in the central pharmacy,” Dr. Peck recalled. “Since that tour, I’ve known my career path.” 

After discovering her passion for pharmacy at 13, Dr. Peck continued to pursue pharmacy summer camps, attended the Ohio State College of Pharmacy’s Pills, Potions and Poisons program and continued to come to her cousin for all the latest news on her pharmacy career.  

Today, the two still connect over their field and Dr. Peck credits Dr. Crawford as a major role model.  

“From her introduction to the field, I saw Shannon seek out numerous opportunities in pharmacy,” Dr. Crawford said. “During her undergraduate program, I even had an opportunity to instruct Shannon in the Introduction to Pharmacy course that I co-instruct at Ohio State.” 

July will mark a full-circle moment for Dr. Peck as she enters the PGY1 program at Riverside Methodist, where her love for pharmacy was sparked.  

“Pharmacy school graduation is a huge accomplishment,” Dr. Crawford said. “Shannon has known that she wanted to be a pharmacist for so long. I feel honored to share such a special day with her – one that celebrates all her accomplishments and hard work and marks the start of her professional career.” 

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