Donors Spread Buckeye Love with Match Donation

February 20, 2017

Pharmacy students
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There's a lot to love about the College of Pharmacy. We're renowned for producing students who are well prepared to practice in a broad range of settings and at a lesser cost than other top-ranked schools. But our historically low tuition means that we have few resources for much-needed facilities improvements. Faculty have been creative on using space (as pictured) with students doing counseling sessions in the hallway and other innovative ways to use our space.

On February 14 and 15, as part of the first-ever Day of Giving—an inspiring 36-hour event for alumni, students and friends to come together and support Ohio State, the College of Pharmacy raised money for the Facilities Fund (Fund #314861). This fund finances much needed upgrades to the physical facilities for the College.  As of February 20, Day of Giving online donations raised more than $6,200 and the tally continues!  Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Mark and Ms. Linda Sirgo all gifts up to $250,000 will be matched. The Sirgos have extended their match to the end of 2017. This is a unique opportunity for donors to have the impact of their gift doubled.

“The education I received at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy served as the foundation for everything I have done in my life and career,” said Mark Sirgo, “I continue to pay forward to the College to help provide for  the same foundation  for our current and future students.” Sirgo is a 1977 graduate of the Ohio State College of Pharmacy and received his PharmD at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He is currently the President President & CEO of BioDelivery Sciences International. Mark recently served as the College Campaign Chair for the But For Ohio State campaign. He and his wife Linda are longtime supporters of the College of Pharmacy and Ohio State. They hope this match will inspire others to support the future of Pharmacy at Ohio State.

Planned renovations include an update and upgrade of the Pharmacy Practice Lab in Parks Hall and the addition of classroom and student space in neighboring Riffe Hall. “Upgrading our building is critical to Ohio State staying at the forefront of pharmacy education,” said College of Pharmacy Dean, Henry Mann. “We were successful in surpassing our campaign goal of $20 million focused on student scholarships, teaching and research, but now we need this critical support to upgrade Parks Hall.”

Gifts toward this effort will receive credit toward football ticket seating points, President’s Club recognition and sustaining memberships in the Pharmacy Alumni Society and The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Donations of $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized. Area-specific sponsorship opportunities within the PPL (workstations, counseling rooms, etc.) start at $6,000. Pledges can be paid off over three years; however, only cash gifts are eligible for the match. For information on how you can get involved, view the brochure or contact Tom Dauber at