COP Grading Policy Changes for Spring Semester 2020


March 27, 2020

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After careful consideration by the University Senate, some Ohio State students will have the option to obtain a pass/no pass grade for courses they are taking this semester.

For required courses in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, each college and/or program has made decisions appropriate to their discipline to support their students’ academic and career paths. See College of Pharmacy specific information below:

Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Sciences major or minor students:

Students will have the choice between a PA/NP option in all required undergraduate coursework for both BSPS and PS minor classes and receiving a traditional letter grade. Students will be able to choose the preferred grading option and should work with their assigned academic advisor to determine what option is best for them and to implement their preferred grading system. The Pass threshold for courses required for major and minor courses offered by the college is a D or higher. Students must opt in to PA/NP by April 17. 

* Before choosing between PA/NP or the traditional grade system, students should consider whether any graduate or professional programs they intend to pursue will accept PA/NP grades. 

Regarding the Ohio State University Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program:

  • The Ohio State College of Pharmacy has approved the grade of PA/NP for any Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) prerequisite taken in the SP20 semester only.
  • It is strongly recommended that students obtain a traditional letter grade for any required prerequisite coursework when able.
  • Students who have the option of receiving either a traditional letter grade or a pass/no pass grade should consider how their choice may impact the ability of the Admissions Committee to assess their record of academic success. 

Questions can be directed to Katie Watkins, Program Director for Undergraduate Studies,

College of Pharmacy Professional students:

The College of Pharmacy professional program has worked to adjust the grading and the content of the remainder of courses. Students will receive letter grades for required classes. 

PharmD students will be permitted to select Pass/Non-Pass (PA/NP) as a grading option for any elective course in Spring 2020. In order to make this request, students should contact Michael Bowman (.979) by this Friday, April 17. The pass threshold for courses is a D or higher.

College of Pharmacy Graduate students: 

For this semester only, graduate students will have the option to take all graded graduate courses using a Pass/No Pass (PA/NP) grading system, with a C- as the minimum passing grade. The Graduate School announced this decision, along with an expectation that students should engage their academic advisors in understanding whether this option is appropriate for their circumstances.


Pass/no pass: Each student may select whether to receive a letter grade or a pass/no pass grade for each of their eligible courses.