College of Pharmacy faculty and alumni honored in annual OPA conference


June 1, 2021

Ohio Pharmacists Association
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The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy (COP) is proud to congratulate our faculty members and alumni who were recently recognized as Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) board members and award recipients.

OPA, an organization that represents more than 4,000 pharmacy professionals and promotes public health through legislation, education and discussion, honored 11 COP faculty members and alumni at their 143rd annual conference.

Jen RodisJennifer Rodis, RPh, PharmD, was named recipient of the Beal Award. This award is presented annually to honor a pharmacist who continuously makes outstanding contributions to the profession of pharmacy. Dr. Rodis is a clinical professor and associate dean for outreach and engagement at the College of Pharmacy. She completed a residency through the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Rodis educates and mentors students and practicing pharmacists in certificate programs for patient-centered diabetes care, immunization administration and medication therapy management. For OPA, she served on the Board of Trustees and as chair of the Public & Professional Relations Committee. She continues to oversee the Research and Innovative Practice Forums at OPA Annual Conferences. Dr. Rodis was a past recipient of OPA’s Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award.

Alexa Sevin ValentinoAlexa Sevin Valentino, RPh, PharmD, BCACP, received the Upsher-Smith Excellence in Innovation Award. This award honors pharmacists who demonstrate innovative pharmacy practices to improve patient care and provide effective patient counseling. Dr. Valentino advanced the profession of pharmacy through teaching, research, practice and leadership and made novel changes that will impact the future of pharmacy practice. Her list of achievements for this award includes founding an organization to help underserved patients and her work with the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, where she provided for these communities. She also helped build an infrastructure of pharmacist-led services at PrimaryOne Health. Dr. Valentino competed PGY1 and PGY2 post-graduate programs in ambulatory care practice at Ohio State. She is currently an assistant professor of clinical pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy and lead clinical pharmacist at PrimaryOne Health.

Kelli BarnesKelli Barnes, RPh, PharmD, BCACP, was honored with the UNDER 40 Recognition Award for excellence and vision in pharmacy practice. Dr. Barnes is currently a lead pharmacist at the Ohio State General Internal Medicine Clinic. Dr. Barnes helped develop and implement the COVID-19 vaccination effort at the Wexner Medical Center and provided innovative patient care in chronic disease management, transitions of care and population health management. Dr. Barnes completed her PGY1 and PGY2 residencies in ambulatory care at the College of Pharmacy and now serves as a preceptor for PGY1 and PGY2 residents in the college’s residency program. A member of OPA since 2007, she testified before the Ohio House and Senate in support of bills regarding epinephrine access and provider status.


Don CarrolDon Carroll, RPh, MHA, took office as an OPA trustee representing District 13. Carroll, an alumnus of the College of Pharmacy, is the current associate chief pharmacist at Pharmacy and Connected Care, Cleveland Clinic, and serves on the OPA Pharmacy Economics and Legal & Regulatory Affairs Committees.




Cory CoffeyCory Coffey, RPh, PharmD, BCACP, BCPP, was honored with the UNDER 40 Recognition Award for his excellence and vision in pharmacy practice. Dr. Coffey works as an ambulatory care pharmacist at the Ohio State General Internal Medicine Clinic and as residency program director for ambulatory care at the College of Pharmacy. Ohio State recognized Dr. Coffey as preceptor of the year in 2020. He continues to represent OPA on the Ohio Medical Board’s Physician Assistant Policy Committee.



Kathy NamethKathy Nameth, BSPS, RPh, received the 2021 Keys Award for her longstanding commitment to OPA. Nameth is a College of Pharmacy alumna and former president of the Pharmacy Alumni Society. She served as director of continuing education for OPA since 1999 where she coordinated continuing education programming for pharmacists for association conferences, home-study lessons for the Ohio Pharmacist Journal and certificate programs for immunizations, patient-centered diabetes care, medication therapy management and long-acting injectables. Nameth currently assists with precepting student pharmacists and serves as liaison to several of OPA’s committees including, Practice Advancement & Innovation, Public & Professional Relations Committee and the Ohio Pharmacists Foundation. Nameth also represented OPA on the Ohio Department of Health’s Vaccination Providers Workgroup during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karlyn NeffKarlyn Dunkle Neff, RPh, PharmD, a College of Pharmacy alumna, took office as a District 7 OPA trustee. Dr. Neff is the lead pharmacist at Schieber Family Pharmacy in Circleville, Ohio, where she continues to lead her staff through the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing new changes to keep patients and staff safe. She and her staff vaccinated more than 1,000 people and launched a diabetes wellness and education program for a local company.



Jen SabatinoJen Sabatino, RPh, PharmD, BCACP, received an UNDER 40 Recognition Award for her excellence and vision in pharmacy practice. Dr. Sabatino completed her residency at the College of Pharmacy and is now an ambulatory care specialty practice pharmacist at the Ohio State General Internal Medicine Clinic. She also oversees pharmacy services at Grandview Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, where she provides patient care in a primary care environment. During her time here, she developed a workflow for screening COVID-19-positive patients’ eligibility to receive monoclonal antibody treatment. While at OPA, she served on two committees, the Practice Advancement & Innovation Committee and New Practitioner Experience Committee.


Joseph SabinoJoseph R. Sabino, RPh, MS, was presented with the Life Member Award. This award honors pharmacists who have a long and distinguished service to the pharmacy profession and OPA. Sabino graduated from the College of Pharmacy and served as OPA treasurer for over 18 years and as OPA president from 1983 to 1984. He chaired various committees through the years and is currently co-chair of the OPA Legal and Regulatory Committee. His long and distinguished service to the pharmacy profession includes writing continuing pharmacy education articles for the Ohio Pharmacist Journal, serving two terms as president in the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy and serving as president of the Central Ohio Academy of Pharmacy.

April ShawApril Shaw, RPh, PharmD, received the UNDER 40 Recognition Award for her excellence and vision in pharmacy practice. She graduated from the College of Pharmacy and is a pharmacy practice coordinator at The Kroger Company. She is passionate about supporting others, helping teams grow and finding solutions to make a positive health impact on patients in the community. Dr. Shaw championed several drug take-back days in her community and leads her town’s Cub Scout pack. She serves on OPA’s Division Patient Safety Committee, which discusses how to improve pharmacy practice surrounding patient safety.



Jeff SteckmanJeff Steckman, RPh, PharmD, took office as an OPA Executive Committee member-at-large. Dr. Steckman is a price and cost strategy manager for Kroger Health and a College of Pharmacy alumnus. He is a past recipient of OPA’s Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award and serves as chair for the Member Service and Development Committee at OPA.