Alumnus helps students step out of the classroom and experience university life


November 18, 2019

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Jerry Hudec knows first-hand the impact philanthropy has on students. The 1967 graduate was the beneficiary of a scholarship each of the four years he spent earning his bachelor’s degree at the College of Pharmacy.

“The dollar amount I received seems small now compared to the current tuition expense, but it was a great assist in completing my degree,” Hudec said. “I am gratified that I can contribute back to the college so that others may benefit as I did.”

Hudec has paid forward the support he received as a student through a steady stream of donations. This year, Hudec and his wife, Jody, made a legacy gift and designated the college as a beneficiary of their estate plan. Their gift is meant to ease the financial burden on future generations of students so that they can fully experience what Ohio State has to offer.

“Many of the students I have spoken with seem to have jobs in addition to attending school. That is certainly not surprising given the money and time required to complete a degree,” he said. “However, having worked and attended college at the same time, I have realized in retrospect that one misses a lot of experiences that expand a student's education and appreciation outside of a course of study.”

Hudec is hopeful that his legacy gift will grant students the freedom to explore what a large university like Ohio State has to offer.

“There is an abundance of activities on the campus and in the surrounding area – both in academic and cultural areas – that enhance a student's education and provide a basis for expanding one's interests as they pursue their careers,” Hudec said. “Having a job certainly reduces those opportunities, and I am hopeful that scholarship funds will allow students to utilize these life-enhancing opportunities.”

In addition to student tuition support, Hudec made his gift to contribute to the goals and objectives of the college. 

“I believe that education is extremely important not only in personal development but also in the advancement of populations everywhere,” he said. “The College of Pharmacy has done an excellent job of training highly qualified healthcare providers in addition to fostering academic research that has enhanced and advanced health care.”