Mitch A. Phelps

Mitch Phelps

Mitch A. Phelps, PhD

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Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology
Outcomes and Translational Sciences Affiliated Faculty
612 Riffe Building
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Professional Interests

Professional Interests

Mitch Phelps’ group is involved in both pre-clinical and clinical development of numerous small molecule anti-cancer and immuno-modulatory agents under development here at OSU. Their work aims to understand the mechanisms involved in the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (i.e. pharmacokinetics, PK) of these agents, and how both the PK and pharmacodynamic (PD) effects of these agents are altered by genetic differences (polymorphisms) among individuals (i.e. pharmacogenetics, PG).


  • 2005, PhD, The Ohio State University, Biophysics
  • 1999, MLHR, The Ohio State University, Labor and Human Resources
  • 1992, BA, Ohio Wesleyan University, Physics


  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2005
  • Predoctoral Fellowship, 2004
  • Predoctoral Fellowship, 2003 - 2004
  • Ray Travel Award, 2003
  • Hazel Brown Teaching Award, 2001

Journal Articles

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