Headshot of  Keli Hu

Keli Hu, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology

530 Parks Hall
(614) 292-5433

Professional Interests

The long-term research goal in Dr. Hu's laboratory is to understand the mechanisms in myocardial ischemia and cardioprotection. The lab is particularly interested in studying the regulation of ion channels and their signaling molecules in the cardiovascular system, with a special emphasis on subcellular localization, traffic regulation, molecular mechanisms and their physiological relevance, particularly as these processes relate to human cardiovascular diseases. The ultimate goal is to explore the challenges in identifying therapeutic targets and to help developing preventive and therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular diseases.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, VA New York Harbor Healthcare System/University of California San Francisco, USA
  • PhD, Pharmacology, McGill University, Canada
  • MD, Xiangya College of Medicine, Central South University, China