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Alumni Awards and Recognitions

The College of Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Alumni Society sponsor an annual awards program to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions through their careers.

The Outstanding Community Engagement Award

Recognizes an alumnus from any training or academic program of the College of Pharmacy for outstanding accomplishments in community engagement.  Nominees should be involved in outreach and engagement that includes reciprocity in collaboration with one or more community partners who may be public and/or private sector, local to global, that are external to the university, valuable learning experiences for students and/or other trainees, sustainable contributions, and/or demonstrated impact that addresses an important community need. Awarded as appropriate and not more than annually; can receive only once.

2023 - Elizabeth H. Chang, PhD, PharmD ’09, MS ’08

The Josephine Sitterle Failer Alumni Award

Recipient is named in honor of Josephine Sitterle Failer, BS, 1939 (d. 1987), a long-time benefactor who contributed service to the college for nearly five decades. The award recognizes an alumnus who has received a professional degree (BS, PharmD or MS in Health-System Pharmacy) or completed post-graduate training (residents and fellows) from the College of Pharmacy within the past ten years and has made an outstanding contribution(s) to community or professional service.

2023 - Jacquelyn Risner Kissel, PharmD ’13, AAHIVP, BS ’08

Jack L. Beal Postbaccalaureate Award

Named in honor of the late Jack L. Beal, PhD, 1952, Professor Emeritus of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at The Ohio State University. The recipient of the Jack Beal Award must have a post-baccalaureate degree (MS, MS in Health-System Pharmacy or PhD) from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, and shall have contributed significantly to research and scholarships in the pharmaceutical sciences and/or contributed outstanding service to the professional practice of pharmacy.

2023 - Tahira Farooqui, PhD ’92

2023 - Yow-Ming Chen Wang, PhD '92

College of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni Award

Recipients must have a degree (BSPS, BS, PharmD, MS or MS in Health-System Pharmacy) or completed post-graduate training (residents and fellows), have made distinguished contributions in the fields of public health and public service, have performed outstanding activities in the interest of the college and its students, and have an outstanding record in the profession of pharmacy. 

2023 - Anne Fondriest Gentry, PharmD, BSPharm ’80

2023 - David A. Kvancz, RPh, FASHP, MS ’81

2023 - Laura Lile, MD, RPh, BSPharm ’87

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recipient must have a BS, MS, PharmDc or PhD. The award was established for outstanding life-long accomplishments in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences or public service. This award will not be given in any regular repeating time period, but only when truly outstanding candidates are identified. The impact of the candidate’s stellar contributions to the professional, scientific and/or educational communities will be judged by biographical data, including published work and previous honors. The Lifetime Award recipients will be honored at The Ohio State University Pharmacy Alumni Society Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet where the candidates will receive recognition to celebrate his/her achievements.

2023 - Sara J. White, FASHP, MS ’72

Friend of the College Award

Recognizes an individual or individuals who are non-alumni, for continuous, thoughtful contributions to the growth and success of the college through ongoing service and support of the College of Pharmacy and its students, alumni, faculty and staff. the award will not be given in any regular, repeating time period, but only when truly outstanding candidates are identified.