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Pharmacy Buckeyes Building Community (PBBC)

With the 2023-24 academic year in full swing and the dawn of Dr. Deanna Kroetz's tenure as dean, we want to re-ignite this year's college theme – Pharmacy Buckeyes Building Community (PBBC).

The theme of building community among all students, staff and faculty at the college involves data-driven efforts to enhance the sense of belonging. The theme was first established in 2022 to address the challenges of social isolation from the pandemic and to improve the overall well-being of our college community.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s recent advisory on the public health crisis of loneliness, isolation and lack of connection helped reinforce the need for community. Insufficient social connection is associated with:

  • increased risk of heart disease
  • stroke
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • dementia

Additionally, it has a significant economic cost to individuals and our society. This advisory calls for action against this public health crisis and provides direction to advance social connection.

We will use this report’s direction and our ideas to further enhance social connections at the college through different methods. We call on all of you to join us in Amplifying Building Community (do your ABCs) to help combat the public health crisis. Throughout the year we will continue to host a variety of wellness and community-building events. We hope that you will join us for many of these activities.

We are Pharmacy Buckeyes!

Pharmacy Buckeyes Building Community Challenge

We will expand the usual wellness raffle to include all community-building activities. For each event you
attend, you will get one raffle ticket. At the end of the year, we will see which group (undergrad, P1, P2, P3, P4,
grad, or faculty and staff) has the most community spirit.

  • For each designated activity you attend, you will get one raffle ticket. Put your name.# and group (i.e. P1, BSPS, faculty/staff) on the back and insert it in the raffle box (located in the Dean’s Suite or Academic Affairs office).
  • Group spirit will be a ratio of the number of tickets to the number of people in your group, not the overall ticket numbers.
  • The deadline to submit virtual and physical tickets is April 15, 2024.
  • A raffle will be held in April to celebrate a year of Pharmacy Buckeyes Building Community and the group with the highest participation ratio will win a prize.

In addition to the events, each month we will have an opportunity for you to participate in a virtual option for a
raffle ticket; you can count each monthly event ONCE (up to three virtual tickets per month). Be sure to take
a photo and then submit it online at

Qualifying Events


  • Attend/host a game night
  • Try a new food with a friend
  • Winter hike with friends or family


  • Attend a group fitness class
  • Create a budget, pack a lunch, or other financial positive activity
  • Wear red for Heart Month on February 2nd


  • Grab a coffee with friends
  • Spring cleaning
  • Spring walk with friends or family


  • Spring walk with friends or family
  • Take a photo of blooming flowers
  • Hug your pet (or someone else’s)