An extra sentimental hooding experience

August 30, 2023
PharmD grads

Parents hooding their children at their pharmacy hooding ceremony can be a heartwarming and meaningful moment. When parents are also alumni of the same college, it adds an extra layer of sentimental value because it reflects a familial tradition of academic excellence and a strong connection to The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

The Ohio State College of Pharmacy’s recent hooding ceremony had three students being hooded by their alumni parents, which further signified the culmination of their hard work, dedication and support from their parents while continuing a Buckeye family legacy.

Ashray Chawla, PharmD ’23, and Ash Chawla, MS ’83, RPh, BSPharm ’81

“It was a moment of great pride for me as a father, to be able to witness my son’s accomplishments and to honor his work and achievements during the hooding ceremony,” Ash said. “Having completed the pharmacy curriculum, I know how much work, dedication and determination it takes to earn a PharmD degree. Additionally, it was an exhilarating feeling to honor my son who graduated from the same college that I graduated from.”

“The hooding ceremony was a very sentimental moment for me,” Ashray said. “My father was my inspiration for choosing pharmacy and he was a supportive mentor throughout every step: high school, undergrad and the PharmD program. I feel like our common career path and us attending the same college made our bond even deeper.”

Ashray had always been interested in science and chemistry. While in high school he debated between enrolling in medical or pharmacy school, but what helped him decide on pharmacy school was seeing his father practice pharmacy.

“Growing up, I was lucky to have the opportunity to shadow my father in his career as a pharmacist followed by his entrepreneurial and business career in the pharmaceutical, medical-surgical and supply chain industries,” Ashray said. “I chose pharmacy because I saw first-hand the impact a pharmacist can make in patient care, medication therapy management, patient access to therapy and the integral role of healing patients as a pharmacist.”

Ashray has started a two-year residency program in administrative pharmacy at Oschner Health Center in New Orleans. After the experience, he plans to pursue a career in hospital pharmacy management or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ash Chawla hoods his son, Dr. Ashray Chawla
Ash Chawla hoods his son, Dr. Ashray Chawla

Ava Dalton, PharmD ’23, and Jim Dalton, PhD ’90

“It was really special,” Jim said. “If you ask me, my proudest accomplishments are those of my children and what they are achieving. Being able to hood Ava as the second Dr. Dalton in the family was incredible and I never imagined she would take a similar path as me. I am extremely proud of her.”

“My dad has been one of my biggest mentors throughout my life,” Ava said. “Since I went into pharmacy, he has been with me throughout this whole process and has shown me the world of pharmacy. The hooding ceremony was a big ‘we did it,’ heartwarming moment for the both of us.”

The moment came full circle when Ava found out she landed an early clinical development and research fellowship through the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships (RPIF) program after graduation – the same company James had an internship at before he graduated.

The building where Ava will be stationed is merely 100 yards from where Jim served as an intern in 1985.

“I didn’t know about his J&J experience until I accepted the offer,” Ava said. “I didn’t plan for my path to take this route, it just happened, but I’m very much following in his footsteps—almost exactly.”

Dr. Jim Dalton hoods his daughter, Dr. Ava Dalton
Dr. Jim Dalton hoods his daughter, Dr. Ava Dalton

Alyssa Kreider, PharmD ’23, and Tammy Kreider, RPh, BSPharm ’94

“Wow! It was just surreal to see your daughter graduating, especially at the same college I graduated from,” Tammy said. “I was so proud of her and very honored that she asked me to hood her at the ceremony.”

“I had grown up watching my mom be a pharmacist and I ultimately ended up going down that same career path,” Alyssa said. “My mom is one of my best role models and it was nice to have her with me on stage that day; it made the moment even more special.”

Tammy and her daughter also share another special pharmacy connection – Alyssa was the recipient of the Al and Linda Vrable Scholarship and Tammy used to be a long-term care pharmacist at Vrable Pharmacy from 1995 to 2000.

“I remember when I was applying for scholarships mentioning that I was interested in long-term care,” Alyssa said. “When I was notified that I was the recipient of the scholarship, I told my parents and that’s how we made the connection to what mom did.”

Alyssa is now a first-year resident at the University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center in Northeast Ohio, leaning toward the hospital and clinical route of pharmacy. She hopes to become a staff pharmacist or clinical pharmacy specialist after her residency.

Tammy Kreider hoods her daughter, Dr. Alyssa Kreider
Tammy Kreider hoods her daughter, Dr. Alyssa Kreider
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