Clinton Osei receives CVS Health Minority Scholarship

October 13, 2023
Clinton Osei sitting at a picnic table on the oval

Clinton Osei, MS, a first-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) candidate at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, was selected to receive the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) CVS Health Minority Scholarship. This scholarship is highly competitive; Osei was one of five recipients selected from a pool of over 450 applicants. 

The scholarship awards $8,000 to students who have shown outstanding leadership, academic success and a commitment to advancing pharmacy and patient care. It is intended to promote and support a diverse population of student pharmacists who will care for an increasingly diverse population of patients.  

Osei immediately connected with the scholarship’s focus on cultivating diverse patient care.  

“I aim to focus on fostering cultural competency in health care by ensuring that patients from diverse backgrounds receive equitable and culturally sensitive care,” Osei said. “This includes not only recognizing the impact of cultural beliefs and practices on health, but also actively engaging with patients to build trust and provide tailored solutions to their health care challenges.” 

Before joining Ohio State to pursue a PharmD, Osei earned a master’s degree in biological and biomedical sciences from Roosevelt University in 2022. He then served as a clinical research coordinator on the leukemia oncology team at the University of Chicago College of Medicine.  

His dedication to recognizing and serving diverse populations was apparent in his work at UChicago Medicine. His clinical research manager, Taylor Embry, MPH, noted Osei’s unique capabilities at engaging with patient populations. 

“Clinton made sure that he approached every patient that qualified for his studies, taking into account that rich diversity in clinical trials is important and something that he could actively ensure,” Embry said. “He also utilized his own culture and background to reach those who are often hesitant to participate in research studies due to historical events.”  

Working with patients one-on-one as a clinical research coordinator showed Osei the significance of providing personalized guidance to those in need of quality health care.  

“The patients’ trust in me reinforced my calling to make a difference in their lives, especially those who have lost faith in medical treatment,” Osei said. “Those encounters solidified my determination to pursue a PharmD and advocate for the most vulnerable.” 

With the assistance provided by the AACP CVS scholarship, Osei will be able to devote extra time and attention to his studies and gain additional access to valuable resources and mentorship and networking opportunities.  

“With this recognition comes a heightened sense of responsibility, and I eagerly anticipate taking on a more active role in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the pharmacy profession,” Osei said. “I look forward to working closely with my fellow scholarship recipients to leverage our collective passion and expertise to affect positive change within the health care landscape.” 

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