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The College of Pharmacy, in partnership with the Office of International Affairs, offers an annual, short-term international group travel experience to undergraduates and PharmD students.

This unique experience helps students gain an understanding of pharmaceutical and healthcare considerations of another country, enabling students to relate this experience to the larger context of their future profession.

The 2023 International Pharmacy Experience will travel to Switzerland during Ohio State’s Spring Break, March 11-19, 2023. During this nine-day group travel experience, students will learn about pharmacy and healthcare topics of Switzerland while experiencing the sights and sounds of Geneva, Zurich, and other areas of the country.

This is a competitive program and students will be selected to participate based on their responses to four essay questions. The program application window will open on September 15, 2022 and close on October 15, 2022. Once the application opens, access that here and select the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the page.

There is a $150 application fee, which will be refunded to those who are not selected for the program. Applicants will be notified of program decisions by mid-November.

Watch an information session to learn more about the 2023 experience and application.


"My week abroad was extremely transformative. It highlighted a sense of independence I found in myself after surviving a week spent thousands of miles away from Ohio. Not only did my trip solidify my passion for pharmacy, it opened my mind to the ways the profession could advance in the future–it made me think about what my role could be in this ever-evolving healthcare field. It was exciting to feel so secure in my career path."

Students in front of Stonehenge
Jen Slogar
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Student

Students accepted into the program will participate in the PHR 5798 International Healthcare Experience in Pharmacy course that meets weekly prior to departure. Within the course, students will learn about pharmacy practice and healthcare considerations of the destination, alongside preparations for international travel.

Travel will occur as a group and be led by Resident Directors comprised of faculty and staff from the College of Pharmacy. Time in-country will be spent visiting pharmaceutical, historical, and cultural sites, enabling students to engage with healthcare practitioners and experience the country through a pharmacy lens. 


In order to be eligible to apply, a student must be an undergraduate student in the Pharmaceutical Science major or be a P1, P2, or P3 Doctor of Pharmacy student. Students must also meet the Office of International Affairs’ General Eligibility Requirements and Conditions for Participation.  All students are required to be enrolled and participate in the PHR 5798 course prior to departure. 


Students accepted into the program will be enrolled in the PHR 5798 course, which will meet the first session of the spring semester. Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Science majors and PharmD students can use the three credit hours of the course towards elective requirements within their educational program.


Program cost varies based on destination, but the student’s program fee includes airfare, health insurance, in-country transportation, accommodations, cultural activities and some meals.

Scholarships are available for enrolled College of Pharmacy undergraduate and professional PharmD students to help defer the overall program cost.


This is a competitive program with limited spaces available. Students will be evaluated on their quality of response to four application questions. Successful applicants are able to provide a thorough response that fully addresses the question, cite specific details and examples, and articulate their thoughts in a clear manner.