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Combined BSPS and PharmD Degree

Open the door to a fulfilling career in pharmacy and enter the workforce sooner with a seven year combined BSPS/PharmD degree from Ohio State.

The combined degree program offers streamlined course efficiencies between the BSPS and PharmD curricula in order to provide a seamless experience to committed undergraduate students.

Students pursuing the BSPS/PharmD Combined Degree program (typically) complete three years of the BSPS curriculum and then begin the four-year PharmD program. Students will receive their bachelor's degree at the end of their P1 year (first year of PharmD). As such, the time to do both degrees is lessened by one year.

Key benefits of combined BSPS/PharmD program

  • Graduate sooner
    Follow the BSPS/PharmD Combined Degree pathway and graduate with a bachelors and PharmD degree in seven years, not eight!
  • Tuition savings
    Combined degree students save an average of $11,500 for in-state and $33,500 for out-of-state students.
  • Want to guarantee your admission into the PharmD? 
    Apply to the Early Assurance Program (EAP) and secure your seat in the PharmD program.*


Students who are interested in the combined degree program would enter the BSPS program's Healthcare Professions Pathway. Students do not have to decide between the seven or eight-year option until their third year in the BSPS program. However, it is imperative that you begin having conversations with your Academic Advisor during your first or second year in the BSPS program. 

The combined degree opportunity is meant only to serve as an option and not limit a student’s educational experience in any way. Students must decide if they want to opt-in to the combined seven-year program by October 1st of their third year in the BSPS program.

In their third year of the BSPS program (enrolled in PHR 3200), non-EAP BSPS students will apply for the PharmD program through the traditional pathway mechanism (i.e., interview with the PharmD Admissions Committee members). Acceptance for early enrollment at the beginning of their fourth year would be based on a competitive (not guaranteed) process. The college's Career Services and Academic Advising Team will work with any students who are not accepted early to improve their portfolios for the following year’s application cycle.