Sylvan Frank

Sylvan Frank

Sylvan Frank, PhD

Faculty Emeritus
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  • 1968, PhD, University of Michigan, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • 1966, MS, University of Michigan, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • 1962, BS, Columbia University, Pharmacy


  • The Professor Sylvan G. Frank Graduate Fellowship in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1997 - 2008
  • Recipient of Dean’s Achievement Award, 1997
  • Directed the research of a national recipient of the Lunsford Richardson Award for Pharmacy Research, 1970
  • Award for the Direction of Undergraduate Research in Pharmacy, 1969 - 1970
  • Sigma Xi,
  • Rho Chi,
  • Fellow, American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • American Men and Women of Science,
  • Who's Who in Technology Today,
  • 1992 Success Stories Award for multicultural teaching and student mentoring.,


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  • Precipitation of One or More Active Compounds In Situ (n.d.). Pending.
  • Frank, Sylvan G. (n.d.). Pending.


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