Headshot of Przemyslaw Radwanski

Przemyslaw Radwański, PharmD, PhD

Associate Professor

Outcomes and Translational Sciences

Graves Hall
(614) 292-3944

Professional Interests

Research in the Radwański lab focuses on cardiac biophysics and pharmacology with the twin goals of understanding the mechanisms of life-threatening abnormal heart beats (cardiac arrhythmias), and developing effective antiarrhythmic therapies. By leveraging experience as both a clinical pharmacist and a cardiovascular researcher, and using cutting-edge biophysical approaches ranging from the single-ion channel level to the whole organism, they have identified a novel arrhythmia mechanism. Neuronal-type sodium channels account for a tiny fraction of sodium channels in the heart, but exert a disproportionately strong influence on cardiac calcium dynamics, particularly in disease. By applying pharmacology principles, in the context of this fundamental insight, they are developing novel therapeutic approaches, which effectively prevent arrhythmias, while avoiding the lethal side effects usually associated with classical antiarrhythmic agents. In essence, Dr. Radwański’s approach could be summarized as better clinical outcomes through basic scientific insights.


  • Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Utah
  • Pharm.D., University of Illinois at Chicago