Marjorie Neidecker

Marjorie Neidecker

Marjorie Neidecker, PhD, MEng, RN, CCRP

Assistant Professor-Clinical
Secondary Title
Program Director, Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research and MS Pharmacology
Unit / Department / Division
Pharmacy Practice and Science
Room 210 Kinnear Rd, 760
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  • 2009, PhD, The Ohio State University, Pharmaceutical Administration (Outcomes Research)
  • 2006, RN License, The Ohio State University, (BSN equivalent)
  • 1983, MEng (Master of Engineering), Cornell University, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
  • 1982, BS with Highest Honors, University of Notre Dame, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Option
  • Certified Clinical Research Professional, CCRP, Society of Clinical Research Associates

Journal Articles

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