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Undergraduate Research & Internships

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Engaging in undergraduate research and internships is a key way for students to prepare for their future after graduation.

The College of Pharmacy encourages students to pursue research and internship opportunities to enrich their academic experience and better prepare students for further graduate and professional education or entering the workforce.

The following list of resources will help you learn more about research and career development opportunities at The Ohio State University:

Undergraduate Research

Research experiences are often initiated by students who are interested in learning more about the specific research interests of a faculty member. Beginning in their first year, students in the College of Pharmacy may to pursue research opportunities across the university in a wide range of academic disciplines including the pharmaceutical sciences, biological sciences, clinical sciences and physical sciences. Engaging in research allows students to build strong relationships with faculty, while strengthening their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry helps students pursue research opportunities at Ohio State. Research can be conducted at the university or elsewhere, independently, as part of a team, or in collaboration with faculty. Students interested in learning more about beginning a research experience should visit the URO's "How do I get Involved?" page.  

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

A variety of colleges and universities across the country sponsor Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF). Students are also encouraged to apply to multiple programs to improve their odds of obtaining a fellowship. Most SURF program application deadlines are in January and February. Students interested in applying to SURF programs are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Career Services or a faculty member.

The College of Pharmacy also offers Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships. These fellowships are available for undergraduate students who would like to do research in any of the pharmaceutical sciences for the summer. The fellowships provide a minimum of $4,000 for a ten-week, full-time experience. Applications can be obtained from our Graduate Program Coordinator.


Internships give students an opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields. The BSPS program does not have an internship requirement, but encourages and assists students look for internship opportunities. The university partners with employers across the state and country to help promote internship opportunities.

Students interested in conducting an internship search should: