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College of Pharmacy faculty and staff members have access to a number of technology services offered by the college and university:



All College of Pharmacy affiliates have email accounts on either the University Email Service (non-students) or BuckeyeMail (students only). Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 are the standard email clients for Windows computers in the Pharmacy domain, and Webmail is available for access from anywhere. Most mobile devices are also able to access university email servers without a problem. Contact Pharmacy Technology Services if you are considering purchasing a mobile device and want to know if email access is likely possible.

File Server

Faculty, staff, students, and anyone else with a Pharmacy domain account is encouraged to store their important files on the college's file server. Data is stored on redundant disks and is backed up nightly. Because files are saved on a central server, users are able to access their files and settings from any computer in the Pharmacy domain. This also facilitates quicker upgrades to desktop computers.

End User Computing Support

The college has standardized on Dell desktop PC's, which are refreshed for all faculty and staff offices on a regular basis (currently every four years). Older desktops are upgraded with new storage and memory, loaded with current operating system and software versions, and redeployed into labs and student workspaces. This enables quicker and easier support, more productive users, and a better user experience. Principal investigators are responsible for buying the upgraded components for their lab computers at a nominal cost, as well as for upgrading any lab computers after the supply of refurbished units is exhausted. The college also provides support for standard configurations of HP notebooks and Microsoft Surface Pro/Apple iPad tablets purchased with university funds. The Technology Services group must approve such purchases so that adequate support can be provided.


User Support

The Technology Services group is generally available to support end users from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Support outside university business hours is not guaranteed, but is sometimes available due to staggered working hours. Support requests are handled based upon severity of the problem, number of users affected, and ease of resolution. Whatever your technology problem may be, contact Technology Services for prompt, efficient support.

Software Training

One-on-one support is available to users who need help using software supported by the college. The Microsoft Office suite and Adobe Acrobat are common software programs that users have questions about.

Purchasing Consultation

The Technology Services group is available to provide personalized recommendations for purchasing of hardware and software with university funds. The college has standardized on certain desktop, notebook, and tablet models that are proven to be reliable, affordable, easy to support, and that meet the needs of end users. Most users' needs are fulfilled by models on the State of Ohio State Term Schedules (STS) contract. Several notebook models are supported based upon preference for size, weight, and performance. Certain printer models of all capabilities are supported based upon reliability and the ability to be integrated into the college network environment. The group can also advise users on software license considerations and the availability of free or low cost alternatives. Any computing device or software purchased with university funds must be approved by the Technology Services group.


Lecture Capture

The college utilizes Camtasia Relay software to capture and process lectures into a digital format, allowing students to watch past lectures in Carmen. Podcast feeds can also be enabled to allow for mobile access of recorded lectures. Over 450 individual course sessions and events are currently being captured per semester.

Carmen Consultation

Several members of the Technology Services group are certified as Ohio State Carmen Affiliates. The group can provide personalized Carmen support for those who are interested in integrating quizzes, exams, digital content, and online grade books into courses.

Audience Response Systems

The university has funded a site license for the Top Hat audience response system campus-wide. Top Hat is a web-based student response system that allows instructors to create an interactive lecture experience for students. Use Top Hat to poll students, present discussion prompts, display lecture material, track attendance, and sync grades with Carmen. Students can respond to Top Hat questions and prompts using the devices they already own, such as smartphones, laptops or tablets. More information is available in the ODEE Resource Center.


The college purchases licenses for Lexicomp's suite of handheld drug information databases. Codes are distributed to PharmD students in their first year and expire after graduation. The Lexicomp app is available for most types of mobile devices. Courses in the first, second and third years of the PharmD program incorporate Lexicomp into the curriculum, providing students with a strong understanding of the suite before experiential rotations start in the fourth year. The college also maintains a subscription to Lexicomp Online, which is a web-based version of the Lexicomp suite. Lexicomp Online is accessible to College of Pharmacy affiliates who are connected to the college network, as well as those who are off-site but can authenticate using their University credentials.

Articulate Studio

The college has purchased a pool of licenses for the Articulate Studio ’13 Professional suite. This software makes it easy to develop feature-rich interactive content, learning modules, presentations, quizzes, and assessments. Contact Justin Habash, Program Director
Teaching, Learning and Assessment, to learn more about how Articulate Studio is being used in the college to make learning environments more engaging.


The university has funded a campus-wide site license for the Qualtrics survey platform. Users are able to easily design and distribute online surveys for teaching, research, and assessment. A variety of reports are available to analyze the data collected. To get started, view the Accessing the OSU Qualtrics License help article or contact Mary Higginbotham.

Video and Audio Conferencing

The college has high definition H.323 video conferencing equipment available for real-time distance meetings and classes. Equipment is made by Cisco/Tandberg and is generally compatible with almost any type of video conferencing system. Polycom conference phones are available to provide room-wide audio conferencing capabilities in conjunction with the OCIO's audio conferencing services.

Online Meetings

The University provides access to Adobe Connect (CarmenConnect) software for web conferences, meetings, and eLearning. A condensed user guide is available, and more help is available at the ODEE Resource Center.

Equipment Checkout

A variety of technology equipment is available to be loaned out to College of Pharmacy affiliates for usage on premises. Notebooks, tablets, microphones, projectors, notebook carts, cameras, slide advancers, and laser pointers are just some of the equipment available.


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OSU Wireless

OSU Wireless, the university's campus-wide Wi-Fi network, is available throughout floors 1-5 of Parks Hall, and floors 4-6 of the Riffe Building. Access points in Parks Hall are generally located near classrooms, conference rooms, research labs, and student gathering areas.

Site Licensed Software

The university provides many popular software packages for free or significantly discounted to the university community. The Pharmacy Technology Services group can assist users in finding the right software for their needs.

Tech Hub

Tech Hub is an on-campus reseller of Dell, HP, and Apple notebooks, iPads, and significantly discounted Microsoft and Adobe software. Apple hardware is offered below public pricing.

Buckeye Bar

The Buckeye Bar is an on-campus help desk that offers face-to-face technology consultation and service to the university community. Technicians can offer help with university services including OSU Wireless and email, and provide assistance in removing malware. The Buckeye Bar is generally the place to get help with personally-owned computing devices.


BuckeyeSecure is a university website offering helpful tips, information, and best practices for remaining secure online. Topics include how to prevent identity theft, recognizing phishing and other scams, and creating strong passwords. Users are strongly encouraged to spend some time on the BuckeyeSecure website to increase their knowledge of secure computing.