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Poster Competition

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The following categories will be judged and receive awards at Research Day. Cash awards will be given to the top abstracts in each category. In addition, the Ohio State Center for Clinical and Translational Science provides an award for the Best Clinical and Translational Science Abstract.

Please note, if a category has fewer than five entrants, it is not eligible for a cash award. It is up to the discretion of the judges to award prizes or combine categories.

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate (MS, PhD) Students
  • PharmD Students
  • Resident / MS Resident / Fellow
  • Post Doctoral Researchers
  • Research Staff

Past Award Recipients


Undergraduate & PharmD Students

First Place (tie) – Jessica Brumbaugh
Impact of a Nursing-Driven Sedation Protocol with Criteria for Infusion Initiation in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

First Place (tie) – Megan Koleske
Na+/Ca2+ Signalosome: Identification of Structural Underpinnings of Catecholamine-Promoted Atrial Arrhythmias

Graduate (MS, PhD) Students

Third Place – Andrew Huntsman
Lead Optimization of Antiproliferative Constituents from Phyllanthus Poilanei

Second Place – Kelin Wheaton
Functional Regulation of Creb Via Crtc1 and Serine-133 Phosphorylation Influences Clock Timing And Entrainment of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

First Place – Shuai Dong
Genetic Inhibition of Pi3K P110δ Antagonizes Survival Signals and Induces Immune Activation in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Resident / MS Resident / Fellow

Second Place – Cari Fink
Assessment of Pharmacists’ Attitudes Toward Expanded Scope of Clinical Community and Ambulatory Care Practice in Ohio

First Place – Matthew Lengel
Community Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management: Impact of Pharmacy Technician Involvement

Post-Doctoral Researchers

One winner – Mario Vieweger
Construction, Purification, and Characterization of Rna Dendrimers with Phi29 Prna Repeats

Research Staff

One winner – Shaoying Wang
Channel of Spp1 DNA Packaging Motor for Real Time Kinetic Analysis of Peptides States

Clinical and Translational Science Award

Yu Kyoung Cho
Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling for Personalized Melphalan Regimen in Multiple Myeloma Patients


Undergraduate & PharmD Students

Second Place – Presenting Author – Joanne Dixon
An Evaluation of The Impact of Memory on Antiepileptic Drug Adherence

First Place – Presenting Author – Emilia Zywot
Synthesis and Testing of Novel Compounds to Fight the Parasitic Disease Leishmaniasis

Graduate (MS, PhD) Students

Third Place – Presenting Author – Chido Hambira
Design and Synthesis of Bacterial Biofilm Inhibitors for Salmonella Enterica Serovar Typhi

Second Place – Presenting Author – Dhruvitkumar Sutaria
Generation of Microrna Knockout Mouse Models Using Crispr Cas Systems for Pancreas Tumorigenesis Study

First Place – Presenting Author – Nirav Shah
Tak1 Regulation of Microtubule Acetylation and Stabilization

Resident / MS Resident / Fellow

Second Place- Tie – Presenting Author – Rose Pavlakos
Impact of Pharmacist-Led Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Selection Program in a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Second Place- Tie – Presenting Author – Cari Fink
Comprehensive Vaccination Assessment and Administration in a Primary and Bridge Care Population

First Place – Presenting Author – Jacalyn Rogers
Impact of a Student Pharmacist Driven Medication Delivery Service at Hospital Discharge

Research Staff & Post-Doctoral Researchers

Presenting Author – Soumendra Krishna Karmahapatra
Impact of Antioxidants on Myeloperoxidase (MPO)-Dependent DNA Damage and Genotoxicity Induced by Etoposide (Vp-16): Implications for Therapy-Induced Second Malignancies

Clinical and Translational Science Award

Presenting Author – Shuai Dong
Genetic and Pharmacologic Inhibition of Pi3K P110Δ Antagonizes Intrinsic and Extrinsic Survival Signals in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)


Undergraduate & PharmD Students

Second Place – Presenting Authors – Tracelyn Freeman and Ramara Walker
Quantitative View of Inputs onto a Striatal Output Neuron

First Place – Presenting Author – Megan Snyder
Computer Simulation of Dopamine Neurons Lacking Dopamine Transporter Suggests a Complex Between Plasma Membrane and Vesicle Transporters

Graduate (MS, PhD) Students

TIE- Second Place – Presenting Author – Dhruvit Sutaria
Engineering of Micro-RNA Loaded Targeted Microvesicles for Cancer Therapy

TIE- Second Place – Presenting Author – Jason Goodspeed
Myeloperoxidase (Mpo) Dependency for Dna Damage, Genotoxicity and Cytotxicity Induced by Etoposide (Vp-16): Implications for Therapy-Induced Second Malignancies

First Place | Presenting Author – Chido Hambira
Development of a New Class of Il-6/Gp130 Homodimerization Inhibitors in Il-6 Dependent Cancers Using Madindoline A as the Lead

Research Staff & Post-Doctoral Trainees

Second Place – Presenting Author – Yulin Ren
Bioactive Arylnaphthalene Lignans from Phyllanthus Poilanei

First Place – Presenting Author – Kara Krzan
Second Victims: Pharmacy Staff Perceptions of a Support Program at a Pediatric Hospital

Clinical and Translational Science Award

Presenting Author – Victor Long
Time-Dependent Ventricular Remodeling During Heart Failure



Undergraduate Students

Second Place – Presenting Author – Anthony Gromovsky
Identification of Antileishmanial Compounds from the Cones of T. Distichum

First Place – Presenting Author – Madison Spychalski
Optimization of Immunofluorescence Detection of Proteins in Transgenic Mouse Brain

PharmD Students and Residents

Tie- First Place – Presenting Author – Jordan Counts
The Impact of Bedside Prescription Delivery and Discharge Counseling on Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

Tie- First Place – Presenting Author – Drew Luder
Development of Guidelines for Staffing-Model Related Risk Factors of Medication Errors

Graduate (MS, PhD) Students

Third Place – Presenting Author – Ola Elgamal
The Role of Microrna-205 in Breast Cancer

Second Place – Presenting Author – Diego Alzate-Correa
Circadian Clock Genes and the Proliferation and Differentiation Potential of Adult Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells 

First Place – Presenting Author – John Woodard IV
Development of a Flexible Synthetic Approach Towards the Flavagline Derivative Silvestrol

Post-Doctoral Researchers & Research Staff

Second Place Presenting Author – Li Pan
Bioactive Flavaglines and Other Constituents Isolated from Aglaia Perviridis

First Place – Presenting Author – Anna Skwarska
Myeloperoxidase as a Determinant for Activity of Etoposide (Vp-16) and Other Phenolic and Non-Phenolic Anticancer Agents: Implications for Drug-Induced Leukemogenesis.

Clinical and Translational Science Award

Presenting Author – Kelli Barnes
Pharmacist Intervention to Improve Medication Use in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in a Patient-Centered Medical Home


Undergraduate Students

Second Place – Abir Mneimneh

First Place – Abbey Strazar

PharmD Students and Residents

Second Place – Deron Lundy

First Place – Shannon Yarosz

Graduate (MS, PhD) Students

Third Place – En-Chi Hsu

Second Place – Anita Sharma

First Place – Jessica Napolitano

Post-Doctoral Researchers and Research Staff

Second Place – Yulin Ren

First Place – Xiaohua Zhu

Clinical and Translational Science Award

Ana Clara Azevedo-Pouly


Undergraduate & PharmD Students

First Place – Katherine Rooney
Neuronal Zinc Dysregulation in a Huntington's Disease Transgenic Mouse Model

Graduate (MS, PhD) Students

Third Place – Vandana Kumari
Protein-Protein Interaction Antagonists as Novel Inhibitors of Il-6 Dependent Signaling in Breast and Prostate Cancers

Second Place – Darlene Rozewski
A Pharmacokinetic Characterization of Oral, Intravenous and Intraperitoneal Administrations of Lenalidomide in Mice

First Place – Su-Lin Lee
Design, Synthesis, and Target Validation of T315, A Putative Ilk Inhibitor


First Place – Kristina Wood
Evaluation of Student Pharmacists' Awareness and Perceptions of Board Certification

Post-Doctoral Researchers

First Place – Amanda Waller
Glucose Transport is Regulated by Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Atpase Pump in The Healthy and Diabetic Myocardium

Research Staff

First Place – Angela Bryant
Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acid Regulation of The Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor

Clinical and Translational Science Award

Jon Henry
miR-199a-3p Targets Cd44 and Reduces Proliferation of Cd44 Positive Hepatocelluller Carcinoma Cell Lines