Pills, Potions and Poisons Student Application

Student Application

Personal Information
Do you have other potential engagements that you will be required to attend this summer? Do any of them conflict with any of the Pills, Potions and Poisons program dates/time?
Would you like to receive more information regarding our Bachelors of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and/or PharmD Programs?
Parent/Guardian Information
School Information
*What high school science courses will you have completed by July 2023?
Teacher Nomination

Students applying to the Pills, Potions, and Poisons program must have a nomination from a high school science teacher. Please ask the teacher nominating you to complete the ‘Teacher Nomination Form’ found on our website.

Short Response

Find a recent news article (within the last year) that focuses on a science topic that interests you. Using the space below, write a brief essay (max. 250 words) summarizing the article and explain why you find it interesting. Please cite the source of your article.

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