Pharmacy Ambassadors

Pharmacy Ambassadors

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Initiated in 2013, the Pharmacy Ambassadors program provides educational sessions about the U.S. healthcare and pharmacy systems for newly resettled refugees in the Columbus area.

Through partnership with local resettlement agencies, such as US Together, and community pharmacies, students utilize program materials to provide education about navigating the U.S. pharmacy and health care system and familiarize participants with pharmacists and the services they provide as part of the health care team.

With the help of an interpreter if necessary, the attendees learn about a variety of topics such as understanding the difference between over-the-counter and prescription medications, refills, and the medication labels. The Pharmacy Ambassadors program provides an opportunity for participants to tour a pharmacy and feel more comfortable interacting with the pharmacy team through engagement with students and community pharmacy staff. Additionally, students and pharmacy partners are able to learn about different cultures and the needs of members of their community

The program has expanded its reach through free, online tools and resources available through the college's website that can be utilized by any institution or organization wanting to adopt a similar program to address the needs of patients in their local communities. To register for these tools, click the button below.