Outstanding Community Engagement Award

Outstanding Community Engagement Award

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Recognizes an alumnus from any training or academic program of the College of Pharmacy for outstanding accomplishments in community engagement.  Nominees should be involved in outreach and engagement that includes reciprocity in collaboration with one or more community partners who may be public and/or private sector, local to global, that are external to the university, valuable learning experiences for students and/or other trainees, sustainable contributions, and/or demonstrated impact that addresses an important community need. Awarded as appropriate and not more than annually; can receive only once.

2022 - Jaime Capestany, BS ’98

2021 - Filiz Yucebay, PharmD ’14

2020 - Jennifer L. Seifert, BS, MS ’99

2019 - Michelle A. Maguire, PharmD '11, MS '13, BS '07

2018 - Jeff Steckman, PharmD '07