Echo360 Tutorials and Resources

Echo360 Tutorials and Resources

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Getting started with Echo 360

Echo360 is the tool of choice for College of Pharmacy lectures due to it’s ease of use, editing, auto-captioning and integration with CarmenCanvas. If your appointment is to the College of Pharmacy, you can follow the instructions below to record a lecture for your course. If you are outside the College of Pharmacy, you may use CarmenZoom to record your lecture.


Getting a user account

To get a user account set up, contact with the following information

  • Your Name.#
  • Your course code(s) and name(s) (PHR XXXX – Course Name)
  • Your role in the course (i.e. Course Coordinator, Instructor, etc…)

How to install Echo360


How to record a Lecture Capture in a classroom: Getting Started with Lecture Capture – 5 min



How to record a lecture on your own device: Using Lecture Capture: Personal – Quick Start -PDF

How to share a video you have stored in your own library: Sharing a Video from My Content to a Course -PDF


Echo 360 videos embedded using the easy embed button in the CarmenCanvas rich content editor produce an LTI error when being viewed through Canvas’s student view button. This is expected behavior. As long as you can see them embedded on a given page, you should be OK.


The following links have been curated from Echo 360’s help platform: