Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Health-System Pharmacy Administration

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences allows students to specialize in Health-System Pharmacy Administration.

The program educates and trains pharmacists to conceptualize, plan, coordinate and evaluate pharmaceutical care in organized health care settings. Students also have the option for a combined residency.

The Ohio State University was a leader in establishing the tradition of Health-System Pharmacy Administration across the country. Beginning in 1959, this program has had more than 200 graduates, many of whom are nationally recognized leaders in pharmacy management. Our graduates include past ASHP presidents, Harvey A.K. Whitney recipients, and more than 50 current directors of pharmacy across the country.

It is not just the long-standing tradition that sets our program apart; it is also the thriving alumni community active in the Latiolais Leadership Program, which bears the motto "Enthusiasm for Excellence.” This group, consisting of past graduates, strives to address contemporary issues and provide effective strategies for improvement in Health-System Pharmacy leadership.

Through this program students learn to:

  • Conceptualize, plan, coordinate, and evaluate pharmaceutical care in organized healthcare settings.
  • Employ managerial and financial skills to maintain and improve health system pharmacies.
  • Design pharmacy services that meet the needs of the changing health care system.
  • Convey concepts and ideas clearly and succinctly via verbal or written communication.
  • Relay ideas that are well researched and objectively stated.
  • Collect and interpret data useful to improving health system pharmacy services (data-driven decision making).
  • Establish a vision for health-system pharmacy based on current and historical philosophies of pharmacy practice.