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Instagram Takeovers

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Get a glimpse of the College of Pharmacy through the eyes of our students.

Each month, we ask one of our students to takeover our Instagram and show us a day in the life. Check out their takeovers below:


Sophia Liva, fourth year PhD candidate

Sophia is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the College of Pharmacy. In her takeover, she showed you  a day-in-the-life of a graduate student and the many opportunities that are unique to Ohio State.

Head shot of Sophia
Good morning Instagram! I’m Sophia Liva, a fourth year PhD candidate in the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the College of Pharmacy.Today, I’ll be showing you a day-in-the-life of a graduate student.
Coffee at Brenen's
I’m starting my day off with a stop for coffee on my way into the lab. A typical morning always includes coffee while I check emails, prepare for meetings and plan out experiments for the day.
Sophia in gown
Gowning up for some pre-clinical work! Today, we’re performing functional assessments to learn about the benefits of the agents we are working with in the lab.
Picture of muscle
Pictured here is a cross section of the gastrocnemius muscle. To assess our drugs for efficacy, we use imaging software to measure the area of the individual fibers that make-up the muscle, providing us with details about structure and abnormalities.
Data on computer
I love being at the university because of the programs we have access to and the learning environment. Ohio State fosters collaborations between scientists and clinicians, which creates exciting and distinct training opportunities.
Sophia at workout class
My piece of advice for #new2osu students is to find your “Why”. For me, it’s to improve the quality of life and daily functions for cancer patients. From my exposure in this field of research, I’ve found fitness to be an integral part of life.

Riley Mullins, Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Class of 2020

Riley is a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) and pre-med student with a goal to do everything in the major but pharmacy. During his takeover, he brought you along with him into Dr. Chris Coss' lab where he is working on research specific to liver cancer.

Riley headshot
Good morning Instagram! I’m Riley Mullins, a fourth year BSPS and pre-med student, with a goal to do everything in the major except pharmacy. I’m excited to take you with me into the lab today!
Outside Riffe
Though school is out for summer, I’m still working hard. This summer in Dr. Chris Coss’s lab, I will continue doing my part to improve liver cancer outcomes by studying the role of the androgen receptor in the disease.
Riley in lab
A typical day for me looks like performing experiments. Here, I’m growing bacteria to isolate their DNA. Working in the lab gives me an awesome opportunity to use the skills I learned in the classroom in real life to benefit medicine.
Riley and Dr. Coss
One of my pieces of advice for #new2osu students is find a mentor in something you’re interested in! Working with Dr. Coss has taught me so many things that I am excited to bring with me through the rest of my career.
Riley in lab
When I’m not reading the science literature, I do my best to discover new knowledge that adds to our understanding of liver cancer.
Western blot and stadium
Wrapping up my day in the lab looking at a Western blot. That does it for my #OSURxTakeover! Thanks for joining me today in the lab and watch out for more takeovers coming soon.

Vyishali Dharbhamalla, PharmD Class of 2019

Vyishali is a PharmD student and fierce advocate for the profession of pharmacy. During her Instagram takeover, she took you along while she and the new OSU Advocacy Collaboration hosted Senator Matt Dolan to talk about his provider status legislation.

Vyishali head shot
Hi everyone! I'm Vyishali Dharbhamalla, a third year PharmD student at the Ohio State College of Pharmacy. I will be taking you behind-the-scenes today during Senator Matt Dolan’s visit, which I helped plan through the new Advocacy Collaboration!
Vyishali in front of presentation
Senator Dolan is joining us today to talk about state-level provider status and his passion for pharmacy. We are so excited to have him here and speak with us!
Dr. Rodis speaking
Before Senator Dolan will take the stage, we have our own Dr. Rodis to kick off the event! She is sharing more information with us about provider status in the state of Ohio
Senator Dolan speaking
It’s time! Senator Dolan is speaking and answering our questions about the importance of provider status. It’s awesome to see the profession of pharmacy being represented and supported at the state level
Vyishali with Senator Dolan
It’s time for me to sign off! Thank you Senator Dolan for spending time at the College of Pharmacy today and a huge thank you to everyone for following along during my #OSURxTakeover. See you next time!

Faria Munir, PharmD Class of 2019

Faria is a PharmD student, college leader, and diversity champion. During her Instagram takeover, she took you with her to her classes, student organization meetings, and research project check-in.

Faria Munir head shot
Hi everyone! My name is Faria Munir and I’m a third year PharmD student here at the Ohio State College of Pharmacy. I’m so excited to start the inaugural student #takeovertuesday and show you a day in my life at Parks Hall.
Computer and coffee
Finishing up the first half of classes with Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Coffee is definitely a needed item for long days like these.
SPADE group photo
Professional hour is a one hour gap for student organizations to have meetings during the day. Being involved in student orgs is my favorite part of pharmacy school! Here I am with the rest of the SPADE executive board team.
Group photo
All of the classes for PharmD students are in Parks Hall, so I spend most of my day right here in this room. Having great company definitely makes learning that much more enjoyable.
Group class photo
The last part of my day consists of working on my research project with these great faculty mentors. Getting involved with research is such a great way to learn more about the practice of pharmacy and share your results with the profession!
Parks Hall Sign
Thanks for spending the day with me! I hope you learned a bit about what goes on "behind the scenes" here at Parks Hall! Look out for more upcoming student takeovers in the future!