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History Timeline

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Inception of the college

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Chemical Laboratory Building 1885

The Department of Pharmacy was created with a three-year course leading to a certificate of "Graduate of Pharmacy" (GPh) in direct relation to a state law that was passed requiring all persons practicing pharmacy to obtain a state license. George Beecher Kauffman is named the first dean and the department is housed in the Chemical Laboratory Building. 


Blazing the trail

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old photo

Ohio State becomes the first in the nation to require a three-year Graduate in Pharmacy (PhG) degree.


First graduates

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1888 old building

Arthur Heath, George Weidner and Charles Krieger are Ohio State's first pharmacy program graduates.


The college's first move

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Botanical Hall

Pharmacy is moved to Botanical Hall


The second move

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2nd Chemistry Building

Pharmacy moves from Botanical Hall to the Second Chemistry Building (present site of Brown Hall).


A new name

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As part of a university-wide plan, the department becomes the College of Pharmacy. Along with five other units, they are the first colleges on campus. 48 students are enrolled in two programs; an optional two year course leading to a “Certificate of Pharmaceutical Chemist” (PhG) or a four year course leading to a “BSc in Pharmacy”.


Arthur Lawrence

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Arthur Lawrence

Arthur Lawrence becomes the first African American graduate of the College of Pharmacy.


The first Bachelor of Science graduate

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Charles Kimberly

The first bachelor of science is granted to Charles H. Kimberly.


Fire forces another move

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On February 19, the Second Chemistry Building burns down when a gas burner is left on in one of the classrooms. Pharmacy moves to the Veterinary Laboratory.


First "real" home

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Third Chemical hall

Pharmacy moves to its first permanent home in Third Chemical Hall, today called Derby Hall.


Dean Claire A. Dye

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Clair Dye

Claire A. Dye is appointed the second dean of the college.


Ahead of the curve

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woman at bench

The college ceases to offer the optional two year degree, requiring all students to complete a  four year program. This would not be a requirement enforced by all colleges of pharmacy until 1932.

Kappa Psi

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older classroom

The Kappa Psi professional fraternity establishes the Xi chapter at Ohio State.


Temporary move

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Chemistry Building

While Derby Hall undergoes renovations, pharmacy is moved to the new Chemistry Building, now called McPherson Chemical Laboratories.


Dean Dye secures new space

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new building

The College of Pharmacy is moved into the new Pharmacy and Bacteriology Building located at 1958 Neil Avenue, built specifically for Pharmacy when Dean Dye successfully initiated a $250,000 legislative appropriation.


Dean Bernard V. Christensen

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Bernard V. Christensen is appointed dean. In the same year, the first regular graduate programs at the MS and PhD levels are established.


First PhD graduate

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Arthur E. Schwarting

Arthur E. Schwarting becomes the first PhD graduate of the College under the direction of his major professor, L. David Hiner.


Roy C. Darlington

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Roy Darlington

Roy C. Darlington becomes the first African American in the nation to graduate with a PhD in the pharmaceutical sciences.


Again ahead of the curve

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man with science equipment

Ohio State becomes the first program in the nation to require a five year program. A two + three (year) program was implemented. This would not be a requirement enforces by all colleges of pharmacy until 1960.


Interim dean Loyd E. Harris

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Loyd Harris

Loyd E. Harris is appointed interim dean.


Dean Lloyd M. Parks

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Dean parks

Lloyd M. Parks appointed dean of the college


Residency in hospital pharmacy

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Clifton Latiolais

Clifton Latiolais implements Ohio State's residency program in hospital pharmacy.


College of Pharmacy moves to Parks Hall

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Parks Hall

On August 15, 1967, Pharmacy is moved to 500 W. 12th Ave. - what is now known as Parks Hall. There are 24 full-time and 11 part-time faculty members.


Program change

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students in front of parks

The college changes from the two+three year program to a one+four year program.


First computer

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The first computer is installed in the college.


Building named in honor of dean

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The building at 500 W. 12th Ave. is dedicated as the Lloyd M. Parks Hall in honor of the college's fourth dean.

Dean Albert H. Soloway

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Albert H. Soloway is appointed dean.


Professional Experience Program

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woman at bench

The College’s Professional Experience Program is initiated with required externship rotations and institutional practice.


Alumni Society is chartered

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Josephine Sitterle Failer

The College of Pharmacy Alumni Society is chartered. Josephine Sitterle Failer, a 1939 graduate of the College, is named the first president.


Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Fellowship created

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Milap Nahata

Milap Nahata developed a pediatric pharmacotherapy fellowship.


Dean John M. Cassady

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John Cassady

John M. Cassady is appointed dean.


The Riffe Building

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The Vernal G. Riffe Building is dedicated and contains a new biological sciences/pharmacy library and research facilities.


PharmD creation

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graduation ceremony

Ohio State becomes the first in the nation to implement a true graduate-professional configuration for the entry-level PharmD.


Dean Robert W. Brueggemeier

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Robert W. Brueggemeier appointed dean.


Leading the way

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in class

The College of Pharmacy becomes among the first in the nation to require a baccalaureate degree before matriculation into the Doctor of Pharmacy program.


Dean Henry J. Mann

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Henry J. Mann is appointed dean.