Generation Rx Lab

Generation Rx Lab

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The Generation Rx Lab is a fun, innovative educational experience at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI).

In this space within the Life exhibit, visitors of all ages can conduct engaging, hands-on experiments as they learn about the science of drugs. 

Group activity at COSI

The Generation Rx Lab is a drug education research lab within the Labs in Life exhibit at COSI and run by scientists from the College of Pharmacy at Ohio State. In this lab, COSI guests conduct hands-on experiments related to the science of drug action. Because drug topics spark young learners’ interests, the lab is currently researching if teaching science through a pharmacology context provides students with an effective platform to engage in the scientific process and learn basic biology and chemistry concepts.  Our research studies aim to:

  • Assess the educational and experiential impact of hands-on pharmacology experiments in a museum setting
  • Improve science learning in grades K-12
  • Educate the public about medication safety
  • Measure the impact of the experience on college student volunteers' science communication and teaching skills

COSI guests of all ages can visit the Generation Rx Lab. When guests arrive at COSI, they should check out the lab’s daily featured experiment and show times listed in COSI’s show sheet. Guests should then see a staff member in the Generation Rx Lab (second floor, Labs in Life exhibit) to sign up and reserve your spot. Space is limited to the first 12-18 guests, so hopeful participants should sign-up early. 

Each “show” or hands-on experiment will take 20-25 minutes to complete. There are no age requirements to visit the lab. The lab is open during COSI’s regular business hours Monday-Friday and most Saturdays and Sundays. Show times generally occur between 1-4pm, but guests should always check the specific show time listed in COSI’s show sheet.