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Guiding principles for autumn 2021 course design and delivery:

All college courses (including PharmD)

  • Prioritize health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.
  • Incorporate all university guidance with respect to teaching and learning activities.
    • Based on capacity, classes may be held in two separate rooms.
  • Instructors should use the syllabus template provides at go.osu.edu/oeis-syllabus when creating course syllabus.
  • When designing course activities, instructors should consider the intended outcome of the learning activity and determine the best method of delivery to accomplish the desired objectives. Use the backward design process and consult OEIS as needed.
  • Prioritize in-person learning that contains active or engaged activities (e.g. case discussions, Team-Based Learning (TBL), etc.)
  • It is strongly recommended that pure content delivery be done asynchronously. Consult with the checklist for asynchronous lecture quality developed by OEIS.
    • Leverage online activities/tools (e.g. Carmen quizzes, Echo360 analytics, Echo360 polling) to assess student participation/engagement with recorded lecture content.
    • Recorded lecture content and engagement with simple assessment activities for that content does count towards instructional time.
  • Consider the length of your course's activities and other student commitments to maximize student time on campus, when bringing students into the classroom for in-person learning.
  • Consider alternatives to in-person instruction for students who have SLDS accommodations and work with the College of Pharmacy's access specialist at SLDS, Nicholas Huston (.235). Connect students with other COVID-19 related concerns to the Student Advocacy Center.
  • Review six ways to support student academic success this autumn.
  • Continue to follow the recommendations outlined by the Carmen Common Sense Best Practices. Leverage the CarmenCanvas templates available from the university or OEIS in your courses to facilitate ease of navigation and optimization of the learning experience.

PharmD courses

  • Consider being flexible with student schedules and making space for them to complete IPPE experiences.
  • For in-person learning, it is suggested that you plan for at least a 2-hour block of time for active learning activities.
  • PharmD students were told on 4/23/21 "we suggest you bein to make appropriate plans and arrangements to be fully in-person for the fall."
  • PharmD students are expected to take most (if not all) assessments in person.

The College of Pharmacy employs talented and driven individuals who are paving the way for new initiatives and practices in pharmacy.

Our distinguished faculty and staff help the college provide students with plentiful opportunities, robust academics and meaningful community partnerships. This commitment to superior faculty and programming has made our college one of the top pharmacy schools in the world.

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