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10 guiding principles for autumn 2020 course design and delivery:

All college courses (including PharmD)

  • Prioritize health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.
  • Incorporate all university guidance with respect to teaching and learning activities.
  • Course work that can be asynchronous, online or remote should make the transition to these modalities.
  • When redesigning course activities, instructors should think of intended outcome of the learning activity and how best to accomplish in online/remote space, rather than directly translating activity “as is” into a remote platform. Use the backward design process.
  • Implement measures to assure exam integrity and limit undue student stress (whether in person or remote). We are monitoring the university’s negotiations for remote proctoring options.
  • Provide alternatives to in-person instruction for students and faculty who are high risk for COVID-19. Connect students with personal health concerns to the College of Pharmacy’s access specialist at SLDS, Nicholas Huston (.235). Connect students with other COVID-19 related concerns to the Student Advocacy Center.

PharmD courses

  • Priority must be placed on being flexible with student schedules and making space for IPPE.
  • P1-P3 IPCaL will maintain their currently scheduled times.
  • IPCaL courses will follow social distancing guidelines as directed by the university.
  • The lecture associated with IPCaL will be recorded to allow asynchronous participation.
  • P1-P3 didactic courses may use a combination of asynchronous delivery and maintain some limited remote synchronous class meetings (using currently scheduled meeting pattern as options).  All required synchronous sessions should be communicated to students at the beginning of the semester. Consider maximum flexibility of attendance policies and record sessions whenever feasible.
  • Provide alternatives for testing students (P2 and P3) who do not own electronic devices that support in-person or online exams and/or monitoring/proctoring (given the migration to ExamSoft).

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