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Dr. Earl Guth (1940 - 1970)

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Earl Guth in dispensing lab

Earl P. Guth, PhD, was one of the original three research faculty recruited by Dean Christensen in 1940. Guth received his PhD from the University of Washington in 1937 and then was an instructor of pharmacy at Duquesne University from 1937-1940 when he was recruited to help establish a graduate program leading to the PhD in pharmacy (later renamed pharmaceutics). Guth's fields of expertise were in the areas of practical pharmacy and pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing. He was known for his innovating teaching as well as his personal and professional integrity and discipline. 

He gained the respect of more than 30 graduating classes in the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Guth was a nationally known authority in the field of pharmacy and wrote the book on pharmacy (published in 1945). Dr. Guth retired as professor emeritus in September 1970. He advised Anthony Ridolfo (PhD 1947), Martin Barr (PhD 1950), Muriel Rivian Loran (PhD 1951), Babubhai Patel (MS 1951), Henry Dale Roth (PhD 1951), William Krause (MS 1952), William Lucas (MS 1952), Abraham Matalon (MS 1952), Kantilal Patel (MS 1952), Francis Cosgrove (PhD 1953), Marion Mathias (MS 1953), Davis Reese (MS 1953), Monique Braude-Colsenet (MS 1954), Eugene Brockmeyer (PhD 1954), Joseph Kern (PhD 1954), Fred Minardi (MS 1954), Ramona Parkinson (PhD 1954), Rupert Salisbury (PhD 1954), Ella Sommers (PhD 1954), Frederick Blubaugh (PhD 1955), August Danti (PhD 1955), William Gorman (PhD 1957), Hector Lozada (PhD 1958), Arthur Lytle (PhD 1958) and Salah El-Din Fawzi Ali (PhD 1961).


Dr. Louis Malspeis (1965 - 1990)

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luis malspeis

Louis Malspeis, received his PhD from the University of California before joining the faculty in the College of Pharmacy in 1965. His research focus was on physical organic chemistry and pharmacokinetics, as well as the development of therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer. He was instrumental in the development of several anticancer drugs including merbarone and anthracycline antibiotics. Malspeis played a significant role in the established of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. Malspeis retired as professor emeritus in 1990 when he joined the Division of Cancer Treatment at the National Cancer Institute. While at Ohio State, Malspeis advised: Frederick Eng (PhD 1971), Richard DeNeale (PhD 1973), Richard Sams (PhD 1975), Haiyung Cheng (MS 1979), Hong-Chou Cheng (MS 1979), Wing-Sun Chow (PhD 1980), Arnold Weinrib (PhD 1982), Jeffrey Supko (PhD 1988) and Michael Zoglio (MS 1988).


Dr. Richard H. Reuning (1969 - 1999)

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Dr. Richard Reuning

Richard Reuning, PhD, joined the faculty in the Division of Pharmaceutics in 1969 and then later the Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administration. His research focus was on the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of digitalis glycosides, as well as narcotics and narcotic antagonists. Retiring in October 1999 as professor emeritus, he advised: William Kramer (PhD 1976), Howard Bockbrader (PhD 1978), Surinder Dhillon (MS 1978), Melinda Chen (MS 1979), Thomas MacGregor (MS 1979), Teresa Shepard (PhD 1983), Shulin Ding (PhD 1984), James Hui (PhD 1988), Michael Guyton (MS 1992), Yow-Ming Chen Wang (Phd 1992), Meir-Chyn Tzou (PhD 1994) and Valorie Miile (PhD 1997). 


Dr. Sylvan Frank (1970 - 2013)

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Sylvan Frank photo

Sylvan Frank, PhD, joined the faculty in the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1970. His research focus is on the design and evaluation of drug delivery. While at Ohio State, Frank advised many pharmacy students including: Pai-Chie Chen-Chow (PhD 1979), Dalia Kavaliunas (PhD 1980), Shirley Mei-King Ng (PhD 1980), Ching-Ming Cheng (PhD 1981), Fadel Sadaka (MS 1982), Siriporn Panthuvanich (MS 1983), Ratnesh Shrivastava (PhD 1985), Praveen Tyle (PhD 1985), Elia Munoz (MS 1987), Kamlesh Pratapray Oza (PhD 1987), Tina DeVries (PhD 1989), George Grandolfi (PhD 1991), Anandi Vaidyanathan (MS 1993), Narasimha Vemuri (PhD 1993), Amol Ketkar (PhD 1994), Withoon Kornchankul (MS 1994), Apeenun Laohavichien (MS 1994), Levon Bostanian (PhD 1995), Wen-Ming Chen (MS 1996), Pammi Jo Farren (PhD 1997), Wen-Hsia Chen (PhD 1998), Dipali Roy (PhD 1998), Manesh Dixit (PhD 1999), Hong Mei (PhD 1999), Kristy McCullough (MS 2000), Chao Ye (PhD 2000), Jessica Miller (PhD 2001), Yong Cui (PhD 2003), Carmen Hernandez (MS 2004), Carmen Ramirez (PhD 2007), Lianjie Xiong (MS 2007), Benjamin Lopez (MS 2011), Younz Zhao (PhD 2012), Tien-Lu Huang (PhD 2013) and Anita Sharma (PhD 2013). 

Dr. Jessie Au

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Photo of Dr. Jessie Au

Dr. Jessie Au was a faculty member of the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from 1970-2011 where she advised: Peng Nam Yeoh (Phd 1970), James Dalton (PhD 1990), Tom Schmittgen (PhD 1992), Steven Bramer (PhD 1992), Elora Mukherji (PhD 1993), Di Song (PhD 1996), Xiang Gao (PhD 1997), Hyo-Jeong Kuh (PhD 1997), Jean Marie Weaver (PhD 1997), Nancy Millenbaugh (PhD 1998), Seong Jang (PhD 1999), Dong Li (PhD 2001), Teng-Kuang Yeh (PhD 2002), Jeff Johnston (PhD 2002), Danny Chen (PhD 2002), Yilong Zhang (PhD 2002), Chia-Chin Tsai (PhD 2003), Adam Ogden (PhD 2004), Greg Lyness (PhD 2005), Jie Wang (PhD 2005), Bei Yu (PhD 2006), Jia Ji (PhD 2009) and Jianning Yang (PhD 2009).


Dr. Al Staubus (1974 - 2004)

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Dr. Albert Staubus photo

Al Staubus PhD, was a faculty member in the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from 1980 to 2004. He retired as associate professor emeritus in 2004. While at Ohio State he advised: Sam H. T. Liao (PhD 1979), Paul Savina (MS 1979), Steven Ray Cox (PhD 1980), Diane Renee Mould (PhD 1980), Lisa McWhorter (MS 1983), Douglas Smith (MS 1984), Richard Lewis (MS 1994), Robert John Belloto Jr (PhD 1996), Christopher Gibson (PhD 2001) and Ian Knemeyer (PhD 2001).


Dr. Theodore D. Sokoloski (1989 - 1990)

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Photo of Dr. Theodore Sokoloski

Theodore D. Sokoloski, PhD, was a faculty member in the Division of Pharmaceutics. Sokoloski retired as professor emeritus in January 1990. After retiring from teaching, he began a second career as director of research at Glaxo Smith Klein. While at Ohio State, Sokoloski advised: Yie Wen Chien (PhD 1972), Ralph Nazareth (PhD 1973), Betty Ann Hoener (PhD 1974), Sandra Denman (MS 1978), Pui Ho C Yuen (PhD 1978), Tsung-Min Pien (MS 1979), Robert Belloto (MS 1981), Chien-Chin Wu (PhD 1981), Mann-Ching Ku (PhD 1983), Fathalla Mohamed Harraz (PhD 1984), Lei-Shu Chang Wu (PhD 1984), Jenice Lawson (MS 1984), Umar Mansur (MS 1985), Allison Ochsner (PhD 1985), Ming-Thau Sheu (PhD 1986), Shyue Fang Hsu (MS 1988) and Richard Senderoff (PhD 1990). 


Dr. William Hayton (1990 - 2010)

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Photo of William Hayton

William Hayton, PhD, joined the faculty as a member in the Division of Pharmaceutics in May 1990. Hayton's research focus is in the area of pharmacokinetics, drug bioavailability and toxicology. Hayton served as chair of the Graduate Research Committee for many years before retiring as professor emeritus in 2010. While at Ohio State, Hayton advised: Beena Kanekar (MS 1993), Richat Abbas (PhD 1994), Kedan Lin (MS 1994), Tzu-Ying Chen (MS 1995), Suresh Dodapaneni (PhD 1995), Zengrong Yu (PhD 1996), Li-Fen Hsu (MS 1997), Kelli Jo Clark (PhD 1999), Andrew Vick (PhD 1999), Xin Chen (PhD 2000), Xuewen Ma (PhD 2000), Ling-Shang Shen (MS 2000), Anna Shenderova (PhD 2000), Wenlei Jiang (PhD 2001), TehMin Hu (PhD 2002) and Jonghan Kim (PhD 2004). 

Dr. Robert Notari

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Photo of Robert Notari

Robert Notari, PhD, was a faculty member in the Division of Pharmaceutics. While at Ohio State, Notari advised: Raymond Anderson Jr. (PhD 1974), Joyce DeYoung (PhD 1974), Mei-Ying Huang (PhD 1979), Joseph D'Silva (PhD 1981), Lee Kirsch (PhD 1982), Tak-Yee Lee (PhD 1986), Satish Pejaver (PhD 1986) and Thi Ngoc-Anh Nguyen (PhD 1987).