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As a student at Ohio State, whether online or on campus, you receive the same valuable education.

You have access to services, benefits, and an overall experience that is tailored to fit your specific needs as a student no matter where you are. 

The College of Pharmacy, in partnership with the Colleges of Medicine and Nursing, offer two degrees that are entirely online: the Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR) Program, and the Master of Science in Pharmacology. 


Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR)

The MACPR program is a professionally-oriented master’s degree designed to be flexible and convenient to students at either the career-entry or mid-career level. The program will accept applicants with any undergraduate degree and is particularly well suited for graduates with a degree in the life sciences or pharmaceutical sciences, healthcare professionals, and those with graduate degrees in the biomedical sciences seeking to diversify their training.

The program includes a cumulative capstone project or practicum with a contracted clinical/preclinical research mentor where students have an opportunity to participate as a professional research team member and apply clinical/preclinical research administrative and scientific principles. MACPR offers in-state tuition to all students regardless of state or country of residence.

Master of Science in Pharmacology

The MS Pharmacology degree is designed for recent graduates and professionals interested in a career in clinical and translational pharmacology, specializing in clinical trial studies. The program has a translational pharmacology focus - bridging across the discovery, development, regulation, and use of pharmacologic agents to improve clinical outcomes and inform optimal use of therapeutics in patients. There are two course options are offered: Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Trial Design, and Safety Pharmacology. 

The Clinical Pharmacology Specialization focuses on the application of pharmacological principles in clinical research, connecting the gap between laboratory science and clinical practice. In the Safety Pharmacology Specialization, students learn to improve the discovery, development, and safe use of biologically active substances by identifying, monitoring, and characterizing potential undesirable effects in preclinical studies.


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