Moray Campbell

Moray Campbell

Moray Campbell, PhD

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Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology
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Professional Interests

Professional Interests

My research goal is to define epigenomic mechanisms that are cancer drivers, and exploit this understanding in diagnostic settings and targeted therapies. Specifically, we focus on understanding how epigenomic events disrupt transcription in solid tumors, notably prostate and breast cancer. To achieve this research goal my group undertakes interdisciplinary approaches. Thus we aim to conceive, design, and interpret experiments that are undertaken both in the wet lab, in Eppendorf tubes, and in the dry lab, at the computer command line.


  • 2016, MS in Bioinformatics, Johns Hopkins University
  • 1994, PhD, Microbiology, University of Kent
  • 1990, BSc, Applied and Industrial Biology, London South Bank University


  • Dean’s Innovative Research Award, 2019
  • Clinical Sciences Translational Research Fellow, 2011
  • Royal Society Travel Award, 2001
  • Gillard Exchange Fellowship, 2000
  • Pfizer Travel Award, 2000
  • Leukemia Research Fund Wilsede Scholarship, 1998
  • Young Investigator Award, 1997
  • Faculty Degree Prize, 1990

Journal Articles

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