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Current Online Students

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Begin planning for your MCR culminating project early in your program studies. Please contact your advisor with questions.

Students may select from the following Culminating Project options:

  1. A scholarly work/project of the student’s choice with submission of a final paper. Students employed at a clinical research site may choose to perform a project for their site which applied knowledge and skills gained through the master’s program. Supervisor approval must be obtained. (This option is dependent on state authorization requirements for on-ground education.)
  2. A manuscript ready for journal submission on an approved topic of interest in an approved journal. Students will follow author guidelines for the selected peer-reviewed journal.
  3. A research proposal/grant submission on an approved topic of interest following prescribed guidelines.
  4. An integrative review of the literature (an abbreviated form of a systematic review of the literature) on an approved topic of interest following modified PRISMA guidelines.
  5. Practicum (field) experience and topic report, minimum 120 hours on site. Students are responsible for identifying and securing a practicum site in advance of the culminating project semester. A Practicum Learning Agreement must be signed by the practicum site mentor and the culminating project instructor. (This option is dependent on state authorization requirements for on-ground education.)

In addition to successfully completing required coursework, students in the MS Translational Pharmacology program are required to pass a comprehensive examination. The two-hour exam will be administered online and consist of 80-100 questions. A study guide for the exam can be found here. This guide is occasionally updated so please check back periodically.

There is no predetermined passing score for the exam. The test has some difficult questions, but the student’s committee will look at the totality of the questions answered correctly, as well as those missed, to determine if a student has passed. The committee may decide, after looking at the questions missed, that some follow-up may be required in the form of a take-home (open book) assignment.

The online exam will be monitored using a service called Proctorio ( Proctorio is a remote proctoring service software that works within your web browser to monitor test takers for suspicious behaviors. If you prefer not to use the online proctoring service, you make take the exam in-person using any of these options. Please email the program director if you would like to opt for in-person testing.


Consortium of Academic Programs in Clinical Research

Joint Task Force Core Competencies for Clinical Research Professionals

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals Certifications:

  • Clinical Research Associate (CCRA)
  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC)
  • Principal Investigator (CPI)
  • ACRP Certified Professional (ACRP-CP)
  • ACRP Medical Device Professional Subspecialty (ACRP-MDP)
  • ACRP Project Manager Subspecialty (ACRP-PM)

American Board of Toxicology (ABT) Certification

Diplomate in Safety Pharmacology (DSP)

SOCRA Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP)