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About the Lab

The College of Pharmacy's computer lab is located in 203 Parks Hall and is paid for and furnished by the college for use only by pharmacy students and personnel. It is not a public computer lab. Computer lab hours can vary from semester to semester and are dependent on the availability of lab monitors. Hours will be posted each semester in the lab. Typical (but not guaranteed) open times are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The facility contains 30 PC workstations. Available software includes the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), Adobe Acrobat Professional, and a variety of scientific and statistical packages. One very useful source of information is the electronic resources section of the Ohio State libraries. This includes hundreds of electronic journals and the Index Medicus (National Library of Medicine) index of medical journals. The college also has direct online access for staff and students to Lexicomp Online drug databases, Micromedex, and the Thompson Reuters Red Book collection. Laser printing is available on a pay-per-impression basis, payable with your Buck-ID.

Please help keep the lab clean by remembering that no food or drink is allowed.


Secure Computing

While Pharmacy Technology Services strives to ensure a safe and secure computing experience, it's also up to you to protect yourself and your data. Some common sense tips for using shared computers:

  • Do not leave any files on a shared computer: Save your files, but save them somewhere else. Keep your data on a flash drive and be sure you don't leave any data on the desktop.
  • Logout of sessions and close all browser windows when you're done: If you don't, the next person to use the computer could potentially gain access to everything you were just doing and everything you were just logged into.
  • If it sounds suspicious, it probably is: Emails and offers you didn't ask for shouldn't be trusted. Just picture a stranger saying the same thing that the email or web page says... would you trust him or her?
  • (Not) Printing: If you change your mind and decide not to print something, be sure to remove it from the queue. Anyone can print your document, essentially stealing any information on it.
  • Visit Buckeye Secure for more tips.


  • Work-Studies Needed: Are you a work study student? Do you have technology skills? Contact for available work study positions in the College of Pharmacy.
  • PharmD Students, be sure to check your Lexicomp app expiration dates.
  • Computer/Printer Problems? Ask the Lab Technician on duty, email
  • Please do not attempt to clear paper jams in the printer yourself; ask the Lab Monitor for help.