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The marketing and communications team aids in the production, implementation and execution of College of Pharmacy units’ marketing and communications needs. By using targeted messaging, data driven decisions and best practices, the team advances the position of the college among all schools of pharmacy. The team is dedicated to collaboration and the success of each unit’s individual goals.

Brittany Headshot
Brittany McClaskey, Director of Marketing and Communications
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Steve Barrish, Communications Consultant
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Chris Eatherton, Media Designer
Sidney Rider
Sidney Rider, Communications and Marketing Coordinator


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Check out some of the types of projects we can help with:


Email communications are becoming increasingly popular, but there's a lot to think about — mailing lists, responsive design, open rates, adapting your writing style from print to web/html styles. We can help with all of that! 

We can set up communication pieces and issue them, or, if you send out messages often, we can set up an email banner for your use to distinguish your unit's communications.


All recipient lists will need to be gathered by the requesting unit.

Estimated Timelines

Draft review/editing only: 3-5 business days

Email creation (a campaign, such as prospective student target), minimal concept or content provided: 30 business days

Email campaign with multiple versions of the email: long-term project to discuss with communications director


Collateral Materials

Competition for the best and brightest students, donor dollars, and research funding is at an all time high. We can help you create collateral materials to showcase the strength of your program or area — recruitment brochures, direct mail, invitations, give-away items, posters, banners, folders and more.

Estimated Timelines

  • Large pieces: 12 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery/mailing (i.e. magazines/newsletters)
  • Smaller pieces: approximately 30 business days, from assigned start date(i.e. brochures, postcards, etc.)

Want to promote an event or craft a media release? We're here to help. We can work with you to identify the best vehicles to get your message out — on campus, in Columbus and beyond.

Estimated Timelines

We will be happy to meet with you to better determine your needs and develop a timeline.


Web communications are becoming increasing important to our tech-friendly society. Whether you are looking to recruit top students to your program, or market your research on the college's website, we can help!


For web changes:

A unit representative should email with the requested changes. A member of the communications team will review the suggested edits and one of two things will happen:

  1. Changes will be made and a confirmation email will be sent to unit representative that requested change that it is done.
  2. Communications director will email unit representative if change does not meet web standards and explain why.

For web project:

A unit representative should meet with communications director with proposed website project idea. After a discussion on the project, communications director will provide unit representative with projected date of completion and request for information needed.

All information that communication director requests from unit rep should be sent to and copied to communication director.

A confirmation email will be sent to unit representative to review draft or final project when ready.

Please review our website guidance document for more on process and decision making on the website. 

Estimated Timelines

Text edits (a paragraph or less): 3-5 business days

Overhaul to unit section: 30 days - 12 weeks


The college is has accounts on the most population social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Three audiences typically engage with us on these accounts: prospective students, current students and alumni. If you would like to have content shared on one or more of the college's social media accounts, email Brittany McClaskey. She will work with you to find the best channel for your content and draft messaging to fit our social media voice.

Note: Offices within the College of Pharmacy may not have unit-specific social media accounts, according to university guidelines. Colleges and support units may only have one central account per each platform.


Did someone in your office receive an award? Did you catch a student, faculty or staff member doing something amazing? Did an event you hosted go well? We want to brag about it!

Our College of Pharmacy website has a news section where we share all the amazing things happening in the college. If you have an idea for a story, email Brittany McClaskey with information and contacts to interview (if applicable).

Estimated Timelines:

Time specific stories: 3-5 business days


The Communications Office sends out the eNews email newsletter to all members of the college (students, faculty and staff) on the first and third Wednesday of each month during the academic year, and monthly to alumni. This newsletter details all the news from the previous month, as well as upcoming events and opportunities, and is a great way to communicate with internal audiences.

To have your content included in eNews, submit it here. (Steve Barrish sends out a call for content submissions one week before the newsletter will be sent.)

Need support with marketing and communications?

Use our online form to submit projects. Some projects will take longer than others to complete.

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Open Marketing/Communications Projects:

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