Reclaiming your Confidence: A Fight with Imposter Syndrome

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Facilitator: Kierra Barnett, PhD (she/her)

​​​​​​​“Sure I got admitted/hired, but it’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out they probably made a mistake.” “Everyone else seems to know exactly what they’re doing, why am I such a fraud pretending to have everything together while feeling constantly lost?” “Am I actually good enough for this?” “Maybe I’m not as prepared for this new program/job as I thought…everyone else here seems so much more accomplished than me!” These are common thoughts for many students, faculty, staff, and trainees—especially those with marginalized identities. However, research shows that the phenomenon known as “imposter syndrome’—when we repeatedly doubt our own skills, talents, or accomplishments—can feel overwhelming but does not actually mean we are not qualified. Join us for a discussion-based session led by keynote speaker Dr. Kierra Barnett where we will explore how imposter syndrome shows up, what it really means, and how to move forward with increased self-confidence even when internal and external influences may make us feel like we do not belong in a space where we earned access.

This event is a part of the DEI Kickoff Week 2022 series. Learn more about the DEI Kickoff Week 2022 here.