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L045 The James (Gabbe Room)
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Title: Organ Engineering to Develop Cellular Therapies for Treating Blood Diseases

Speaker: Dhvanit I. Shah, PhD, Principal Investigator, Center for Childhood Cancers and Blood Diseases, Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Dr. Shah's laboratory investigates methods to develop clinical-grade functional hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and blood lineages from patient-derived tissues for the treatment of blood and bone marrow cancers using state-of-the-art organ-in-a-dish, bio-inspired micro-electric-mechanical system (MEMS) fabrication, 4D-bioprinting, bio-inspired matrices,  3D organoid development, gene-editing, microfluidics, cell-engineering, nanotechnology, ex vivo mouse embryo and explant culture, as well as computational approaches. Dr. Shah's team has expertise in utilizing zebrafish, mice, and human iPS cells to clone and analyze novel genes and mechanisms important for HSC biology and its use in improved therapies. Dr. Shah and his colleagues are currently investigating microenvironmental conditions that stimulate the endothelial emergence of HSCs and subsequent proliferation during fetal development. Dr. Shah's long-term vision is to develop 5D bioreactor to generate scalable, universally compatible, clinical-grade HSCs from skin graft to treat malignant or non-malignant blood and bone marrow disorders."