Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology Seminar

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115 Biomedical Research Tower
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"Advancing drug discovery using high-content metabolomics screening"

Stefano Tiziani, PhD
Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences
Department of Pediatrics, Oncology
University of Texas at Austin
Dell Pediatric Research Institute (DPRI)

Metabolic reprogramming is an emerging hallmark of tumor biology and an actively pursued opportunity in oncology drug discovery. Metabolomics, an emerging field of biomedical research, entails the measurement of a comprehensive pool of small molecules within a biological sample. The wealth of information obtained from this multivariate metabolic readout offers an unprecedented opportunity to advance early disease diagnosis and monitor response to treatment as well as define disease pathogenesis and novel prevention strategies. This talk will focus on high throughput screening, metabolomics and metabolic flux applications, focused on the information-rich analytical techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, to reveal the link of cellular pathways to biological mechanisms shaping our understanding of chemical biology, nutrition, physiology, and medicine and their implications on human health. Recent contributions to the treatment of cancer will be presented to highlight the promise and the future of metabolomics in both drug development and personalized therapy.