Division of Pharmaceutics and Infectious Disease Institute Guest Seminar: Amelia Deitchman, PharmD, PhD

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James L035 Wasserstrom Room
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Title: Better approaches to old problems: Innovation in infectious disease pharmacology

Abstract: Historically, infectious disease pharmacology research and development has relied on single or 2-dimensional metrics (e.g. Time>MIC, AUC/MIC, IC50) to inform dosing strategies for complex and temporally dynamic infections. Dr. Deitchman will discuss use of innovative and comprehensive approaches to several research questions in the bacterial, HIV, and malaria spaces. These solutions incorporate in vitro time kill assays, clinical and translational pharmacometrics, single cell transcriptomics and viral genetics, state-of-the-art drug quantification assays, and social and epidemiological factors to address key questions in infectious disease drug development: Will this drug regimen really work? At what dose? For everyone? Will it have untoward effects?