DEI Week: Teaching in Difficult Times

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107 Parks Hall
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Title: Teaching in Difficult Times
Facilitator: Dr. Shed Silliman (she/they), Instructional Consultant, Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Eric Brinkman (he/they), Instructional Consultant, Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning

Our communities are grappling with crises such as the pandemic, racial injustice and political conflict, meaning that students are likely to be struggling with them as well. These broader cultural issues are bound to have an impact on our classes, and instructors are in a unique position to support students through these events and equip them with the tools and resources they need. However, many instructors may feel unprepared to productively engage these topics with students. This session aims to empower instructors with the confidence and resources to teach in a way that incorporates and acknowledges, rather than ignores, these cultural events and their impact. Participants will acknowledge the ramifications of these cultural events, discuss the challenges they find in addressing them in class, and explore strategies which support student learning and success in difficult times.