DEI Week: Advocate! For You and Me

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B050 The James
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Title: Advocate! For You and Me
Facilitator: Z (Lena) Tenney, M.Ed. MPA (they/them), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, College of Pharmacy

Have you ever encountered moments in which you felt the need to speak up about something but were unsure if and how you should do so? This session will invite participants to think through foundational considerations in advocacy for self and others, including self-awareness of emotional barriers, situational contexts, and strengths as a communicator. We will then build research-informed and strategi individual actionable skills for effective communication in moments when –isms and –phobias manifest in learning and working spaces. The event will broadly address a variety of forms of microaggressions and will kick off an academic year of monthly sessions in which we gather to focus on specific identities and how we can be advocates for self and other with regards to that particular social justice topic.

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