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Join us for coffee!

We welcome you all to join for coffee! Based on conversations with students this semester, something we all miss during COVID are those informal hallway conversations in Parks Hall or on campus. That little drop-in about class, another course you are taking, various current events, or random brainstorms give me a lot of energy and they disappeared a bit.

So, without trying to add to your Zoom-meeting fatigue, we will be sipping coffee and waiting for conversation on the following dates/time.

Are these Office Hours? No. There won't be a "waiting room," so multiple students from different classes/years could hop in to chat. For that reason, we will avoid conversations that should be confidential, such as discussion of specific grades. 

Are we still open to discussing class material?? Yes! We can chat about assignments, class material, or practical applications of material. But we can also chat about life, sports, career stuff, current events, etc. Hopefully, your classmates also stop by and we can find something fun to argue about.  

Are these required??? No. But we want to hear from you and really appreciate the hard work you are putting in this semester.

Zoom details TBD (will be sent through sign-up genius to prevent "zoom bombers")