"Can I Say That?" Principles of Inclusive Language

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200 Parks Hall and online
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200 Parks and via Zoom
Facilitator: Z Tenney, MPA, MEd (they/ them)
Password: 188749

If you have ever wondered if you’re using the most up to date terminology for various identities, how to figure out what words may—or may not—be offensive to certain groups/individuals, why some words are acceptable to be used by some people but not others, or how to keep up with the seemingly ever-evolving language around social identities…you are not alone and this session is for you! This program will provide an overview of key concepts related to using inclusive language, such as the power of self-identification; the role of word reclamation; and the relationship between personal preferences and community expectations. In the spirit of continually learning how to do better, participants will have the opportunity to anonymously ask good faith questions about terminologies even if those questions may feel awkward or embarrassing to ask in most spaces. Participants will leave the session with resources related to inclusive language with a focus on cultural humility and growth mindset rather than simply memorizing a list of terms.

This event is a part of the DEI Kickoff Week 2022 series. Learn more about the DEI Kickoff Week 2022 here.